How to help your kids to eat more fruits

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There are a lot of reasons for everyone, and specially children to include fruits in diet because fruits are abundant in essential nutrients and vitamins which contribute to their health, growth as well as development. Besides, fruits also include other important plant substances that can help reduce the risk of some diseases such as cancers and heart disease.Here are some ideas that how to help you kids to eat more fruits.


Help your kids to eat more fruits

  • Fresh fruit is better than fruit juice. While the whole fruit has some of the natural sugars which will make it taste sweet. It also contains a lot of vitamins, fiber and minerals which will make it more nutritious than a cup of fruit juice. A small cup of juice will provide a child daily amount of vitamin C. However, some kids regularly consume large amount of fruit juice and this can make them put on excess weight.


  • Choose seasonal fruits-  Its better to choose seasonal fruits as in season fruits are cheaper and more importantly, taste better.


  • Always have a bowl of fresh fruitsready – It’s always a good idea to be prepared for kids when they are coming back home. If you have a bowl of fresh fruits ready, your kids can eat whenever they are hungry or want something to snack on.


  • Be creative withfruits and serving style– Kids like to go for different things and if you serve the same item every day and same way, they may feel bored.  Hence it will be really nice if you be creative with fruits such as raw, sliced, mashed, baked, or serve some different coloured fruits in different serving bowls and plates.


Beside these, be a role model and include fruits in your diet. Because children learn and follow quickly what they see their parents doing. These are useful tips to help in your parenting task but everybody has a different way to handle kids.

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