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Yayskool provides flexible, cutting-edge advertising solutions that reach the right customer at the optimal time. Advanced customer targeting opportunities available on based on location.

As the India's leading independent provider of high-quality education and career information, reaches more people than any other organisation in education field. We work with the India's top brands delivering solutions and developing strategic cross-platform partnerships with engaging, innovative and rich content.

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Advertiseing Options at Yayskool

  1. Ad Banners
    Personalized banners (Images/Text) on both our web and mobile platform.
  2. Interactive side pop-up
    Interactive ads in sidebar, be it a form, video or any other interactive media.
  3. Full Page Modal
    Full page intercative ad to maximise the lead generation for your school, college or business.
  4. Featured School Program
    Featured School Program is a premium service offered to schools via our platform It helps schools to get maximum benefit of our digital services with a very little investment. Once school join our featured school program, they become part of privileged schools and get displayed if users are viewing any school in their city and get more chances of getting attention and hits which eventually results in more admissions and revenue.