Top 10 Best Schools in Gaya

Top 10 Best Schools in Gaya

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Gaya is a major pilgrimage city in Bihar for Hindus and Buddhists. Let’s explore a bit about Gaya city and it’s history before we discuss about top 10 best schools in Gaya.

About Gaya:

Gaya is a picturesque city surrounded by temple-crowned hills. It is a place of great sanctity and a very important place for pilgrimage, the central point of which is the Vishnupad temple that enshrines a footprint of Vishnu. The temple was built in the 18th century by the Maratha princess Ahliyabai.

Gaya is a significant pilgrimage place that is steeped in great history. It is a ritual site and renowned for Pind Daan. Hindu devotees from all across the world pay a visit to this consecrated place to carry out Pind Daan pooja for the liberation of the souls of their relatives.

The hills around the city are also places of sanctity. The highest is that of Brahmayoni, which rises precipitately to a height of 450 feet above the plain. Six miles south of Gaya is the great temple of Bodh Gaya, one of the holiest places in the world, and the most sacred of all places to the Buddhists.

Source: (wikipedia)

Top 10 Best Schools in Gaya, Bihar

There are many great school and institutions in Gaya providing quality education. We compiled a list of top 10 best school in Gaya to make parents task easier while choosing the school for their child.

There are many schools in Gaya with all modern facilities, providing quality education and it’s not possible to include all schools in list. These are the school where we received most favourable reviews but it doesn't mean these are the only good school in Gaya. 

What do you think about this list and is there any other school which should be part of this list?  Write to us at [email protected] 

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