Tips for parents: Important nutrition and diet habits for children

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As a parent, it’s very important to understand about the diet of your children in growing age. At the same time, it’s equally important to understand the role of good eating habits as it affects their overall development. Here are some very important nutrition and diet tips for parents concerning their children.

  • Always serve breakfast, even if kids are in hurry as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 
  • Make sure your kids get all varieties of food such as grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and protein.
  • Both vegetables and fruit contain essential nutrients that are important for their health, growth and development and should be included in their diets.
  • Try to control when and where food is eaten by your children by providing regular daily meal times with social interaction and demonstration of healthy eating behaviors.
  • Involve children in the selection and preparation of foods, and teach them to make healthy choices by providing opportunities to select foods based on their nutritional value.
  • Select foods with calcium, magnesium, potassium nutrients when possible.
  • Most Indians need to reduce the number of calories they consume. When it comes to weight control, calories do count. Controlling portion sizes, avoiding fast food and eating non-processed foods helps limit calorie intake and increase nutrients.
  • Parents are encouraged to provide recommended serving sizes for children.
  • Parents are encouraged to limit children’s video, television watching, and computer use to less than two hours daily and replace the sedentary activities with activities that require more movement.
  • To prevent dehydration, encourage children to drink fluid regularly during physical activity and to drink several glasses of water or other fluid after the physical activity is completed.
  • Serve meals at the table, instead of in front of the television, to avoid distractions.


Exercise and physical activity should be included in children daily plan. You may also include a weekly sport activity and an outing plan to keep their interest level up and involved. 

Children lean by example, so the best way is for parents to lead by example and have a balanced diet/healthy life style. It may take time, but this is how children learn best. So, keep trying, have a healthy lifestyle.

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