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An Innovative Solution, crafted beautifully by keeping school's needs in mind.

The Complete Solution for NextGen SCHOOLS

Empowering Schools to the Next Level

Yayskool management system has many features and tools required to manage and perform the routine work much quicker and eaiser.

Organised & Availability of Records

The annual student data that the office assistants may type in long excel sheets can be organised in a simple and accessible format, which facilitates instantaneous availability of data in seconds.

And finally, it's Free ☺

You heard it right, this (School Management Software) comes free with website promotion. You can upgrade it to premium version as you grow.

Why Yayskool Management Software?

A software which includes everything your school will ever need

Student Management

Fee Management


Attendance Management

School Routine

Assignment & Home Work

and much more .....

Download YayConnect!

YayConnect for parents is a simple application which empowers parent to check and monitor their kids performance in school which are registered to yayskool.com School Management program. This app facilitates and provides a holistic view of kid’s attendance, exam result, issued books, performance in tests or exams and many more details.

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