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Teacher Spotlight - Devang K Buddhdev

by | Published: | Updated: 16/05/2020


Devang sir has been teaching accounting as a subject to commerce students since 23+ years now and 40k+ students have benefited from his teaching as we speak.

A strong believer in “To learn is a necessity but to study intelligently is an art”. He has this unique art of converting difficult topics within his subject to simple and easy to grasp for his students. Recently yayskool team had a chance to meet him and had a candid chat on various topics. He listened to us and answered all our questions patiently. 


Teacher Spotlight - Devang K Buddhdev 


Mr Devang K Buddhdev (Popularly known as Devang Sir).


What/who influenced you the most to become a teacher? Why did you choose teaching as your career?

My 1st lecture of my life @ when I was 20 years old still influences me.


How have your past experiences prepared you for teaching?

I feel I have become more simplified over a period and I am able to make the same for my students.


What are the characteristics of an effective teacher?

I feel as if I am able to get connected with my students’ brains & hearts.


How do you handle discipline problems? What is the most difficult aspect of discipline for you?

Most of the students have ' Lack of concentration' to be the root cause of discipline issues. Such issues can only be resolved through effective communication with them.


How would you handle a student who is a consistent behavioral problem?

As I mentioned before effective communication is the best way. This involves playing a role of a guide, mentor and sometimes a strict teacher to treat these students appropriately. At the end do all it needs to get them on a progressive track.


Describe a teaching strategy you used to maximize the learning potential of all students.

You may call me old school of thought but I strongly believe in ' Practice makes a man perfect'.


What do you enjoy most/least about working with young people?

Their natural inclination to learning adaptability. Something what we tend to lose out when we are growing up.


How would you work with a mainstreamed learning-disabled student?

There are 2 most important points to handle such situations:

    A. Patience is the key in such situations.

    B. Go back to point 'A'.


Some students always finish their assignments early. How would you deal with the free time that they have?

1st thing to do with such students is a pat on their back but at the same time to see if these are not lack of concentration issues resulting in sub optimal results. If all ok, encourage them to Practice more.


How do you involve parents in the learning process? How will you inform them of what’s going on in your classroom?

As we are teacher to the students outside, parents are @ home. Their contribution cannot be measured and are a continuous watch over the students activities outside.


What is your philosophy of teaching?

I would just say ' Practice’.


What are the three most important strengths you possess that will make you a successful teacher?

Patience, Ability to motivate, Standardization.


How do you make students feel at ease around you, while still respecting you?

It works best with giving them space. When I am speaking, I expect them to be listening silently carefully and vice versa when they would be speaking. Open discussions hold a lot of importance on this aspect.


What should teachers expect from principals? What should principals expect from teachers?

Regularity, Discipline and Particularity.


Tell me about one experience you had during student teaching that made you think, “This is why I’m going into teaching.”

Students can solve problems in many ways but when I observe basics missing, I feel it my role and responsibility to step in. To me the approach matters the most and that's what I feel I can help learning for my students.


What do you want to accomplish in your profession?

My aim is to build a strong & clear foundation for the subjects I teach for them to Excel in their life.


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