How Teachers Can Help in Building Student Confidence

How Teachers Can Help in Building Student Confidence

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Possessing a good level of self-confidence is important when learning. You’ll find that every student has a different level of confidence and it isn’t directly linked to their ability. There are many benefits of building student confidence. They don’t have to be the brightest or the most successful person to be self-confident. It’s about believing in themselves and their abilities and adopting a positive mental attitude in their learning.

A confident learner is a happy and productive one, and every teacher wants a class full of them. Building student confidence begins in any space where meaningful learning is encouraged and supported. Here are some tips how teachers can help in building student confidence.


Encourage them to ask questions

Students with low confidence are often hesitant to ask questions in class and as a teacher we must encourage them and make them comfortable to ask questions. Initially they might be reluctant but once they start doing, they will feel empowered and it will boost their confidence.


Set goals together

One of the most effective ways of building student confidence is making sure everyone is on the same page about learning goals. Too often in teaching our learners are kept in the dark about expectations, guidelines, and desired learning goals. 


Constructive feedback

Learning without getting actionable and constructive feedback for improvement isn’t meaningful learning.  Hence, it’s very important that you pass constructive feedback as it provides students with an opportunity to learn from mistakes and, once again, experience a sense of learning ownership. Also, it helps well in building student confidence.


Show that effort is normal

Not getting good result is sometime leads students to low confidence. Nothing is more of a confidence killer for a student than thinking they’re the only one in class that doesn’t understand something.That’s the reason, it’s very important to explain it to them that putting effort is normal and everybody does that. Sometime we do get desired results and sometime we don’t. This is how life works.  

They need to see and understand the both sides of coin and it will help them in lifting their confidence level and start putting required effort to move forward.


Praise their efforts

This may sound obvious, but sometimes the progress made on a learning journey can be forgotten. So, praise your students for what they did well and when you’re correcting their work remember to tell them what they did right, not just what they did wrong. If your students can recognise that they are progressing, it will help them to be motivated to keep learning – no matter what their pace is.


Celebrate student’s success

Any kind of success in learning, no matter how big or small, deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. This might mean more to some students than to others, but it’s still a great way of building student confidence. After all, everyone is there in the classroom to learn together and to support each other on that path.


These are some tips that how teachers can help in Building Student Confidence. What do you think about it and how do you help your students in building confidence, send your thoughts and suggestions at [email protected]


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