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Benefits of running for kids

by | Published: | Updated: 01/04/2018


The first workout or exercise which any kid learn is running and it is something which they learn by themselves. It is very common to see that even 2-year-old kid try to run without having any coaching. It is inbuilt quality in every human. There are many of advantages of running especially for kids and the biggest advantage of running is that kids can run in room, house, park, road, terrace and any other place as well.

When someone is physically fit, he/she feels and looks better, and he/she stays healthier. The earlier kids start getting in shape, the more they reduce the risk of numerous illnesses. Here are some of the benefits that physical activity offer to any kid:

  • Strong heart: Human heart is a muscular organ which helps in transporting bloods throughout the body and plays vital role in any human’s health. By engaging in any physical activity like running the heart become more strong and efficient. Strengthening the heart muscle can be helpful in preventing any form of heart disease even in early childhood.


  • Strong lungs: Regular running increases lung capacity and it’s efficiency in moving air in and out of the body. Healthy lungs help body in getting more oxygen into body and also expelling more carbon dioxide & other waste from body.


  • Running is fun and affordable: Kids loves to run and they enjoy it lot. When they feel happy, fun in doing any activity like running then they become more physically and mentally strong. It is also very affordable to run as they just good pair shoes or sometimes they also run bare foot. Running doesn’t need any court; ground, equipment and kids can run anywhere and everywhere. 4) Running helps in other sports: If a kid enjoying running then he/she can excel in any sports as most of the sports require running like football, cricket, rugby, hockey, basketball and more. Also, it helps in developing strong core muscle and back strength, both play an imperative role in activities like dancing , gymnastic.


  • Involves entire body: Running is full body workout. Regular running can have multiples benefits for any kids and it helps in making legs strong, getting more endurance, good cardiovascular activity, also boost up confidence and strong core.

The last but not the least is parents support and encouragement is very vital for child growth and running is kind of activity which can be performed together as family workout. It also helps in making more emotional and healthy connection between kids and parents. You should try to run with your child and you will see how happy he/she will become while running with you. 



Vishawas-Fitness TrainerVishwas Saraswat

FISAF Singapore Certified Personal Trainer 

Email: vishwassaraswat@gmail.com



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