Importance of Fitness for Kids

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Importance of Fitness for Kids

Fitness is an integral part of every human being and the early we start the more productive it could be. It is always good to begin the fitness journey when a kid is 6-7 years old because every muscle in the body is very young and flexible. The best way for any kid to be fit is to follow basic discipline in life and the main factors are early get up early in the morning, eat healthy food and fruits, drink lots of clean water, engage in any kind of outdoor sports (2-3 hours daily) and early sleep.  It is very imperative for follow basic discipline at the early stage of life as it helps in building the robust foundation to pursue any long term goals. Also, we are living in a very competitive world so it is advisable to have strong mind and body. 

There are two performance components to train kids: 

  1. Physical work capacity 
  2. Exploitation capability 

Lets talk about these components in detail:  

Physical work capacity:   

  • Strength
  • Endurance 
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility 

Simple exercise like running, supported push ups, inclined pull ups, stretching can be performed to build physical work capacity. I highly recommend that kids should play outdoor sports to build above-mentioned components.  As kids grow their body also grow and the level of difficulty should also go high accordingly.  The main sports they can play are football, hockey, sprints and gymnastic.


Exploitation capability: 

  • Skills
  • Technique 
  • Tactic 

In order to excel in any sports it is very important to develop above points. Without developing the exploitation capacity, it is very difficult for any kid to perform better in any competitive environment. 



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