Why is it important to discuss careers with your child

Why is it important to discuss careers with your child

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s one of the most common questions everyone has listened in their childhood and often hear this question being asked to kids. The question is not a serious one when the children are young, though responses are as much for our entertainment as anything else. These are a starting point for kids and an introduction to careers, jobs and what education is best suited to get one there.

But how often do parents actually discuss career prospects with their kids? 

Usually parents take it lightly considering kids are young and there is much time to discuss but it’s really important to know that what your child’s career interest at young age and it is a conversation worth having. Here are some key points that why and how should you discuss careers with your child.


Be the foundation

Think of yourself as a foundation, lifting your children and supporting them as they find their way to the ideal career. You boost them up, but they are the ones reaching for different possibilities. Help them to understand that you are always with them. 

Discuss and tell them about their strengths 

Every child is unique and have different strong and weak points. As a parent, discuss and share your observations, experience and talk to them about their high and low points. It will help them to proceed in right direction.

Push them towards their passion

If your child is passionate about something, make sure he or she get enough encouragement and support to pursue it. It’s completely fine if they don't wish to go for medical or engineering. There are thousands of examples where people followed their passion or art and reached to heights because of their craft. 

Positive words work as tonic for young children and it help them to concentrate, learn and grow. Hence, it’s very important that you listen and talk about their passion, hobbies positively and you will notice the change.

  We have seen a trend in past that every parent wanted their child to be a doctor, engineer or prepare for administrative services. But just ask yourself if they are happy? Is it important for them too? 

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