Ways to find out if your child is happy at school

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Kids are always nervous during the first few weeks of school, especially when they are just starting or joined a new school. 

But it would be really great if your child could just tell you he or she was unhappy at school, but you can't rely on that. Your child might not feel comfortable sharing her feelings with you – especially if she's frightened by school or her teacher.

Here are some ways to find out if your child is happy at school. 


Ways to find out how your child feels about school

Chit-chat frequently with your child:Have a chat frequently and show you are interested in his life and want to know. Remember the topics he discussed last time and ask question about that. 

Sometime kids may not want to share the bad news about school, poor results in test or any kind of punishment. But by listening calmly and encouraging them will make them comfortable, become honest and share the bad news.

Join the events and parent’s sessions & activities.

Join the school sponsored event and activities for parents to spend more time in school and it will give you insights about your child and how does he or she feel in school.  

It will also give insights about their bonding with other kids and teachers. 

Keep in touch with the teacher: 

The teacher spends five days a week with your child. If your child suddenly seems unhappy at school or has problems with a group of friends, the teacher might know more about the situation than you do. Get tips on communicating with your child's teacher.

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