Top 10 Best Schools in Basti

Top 10 Best Schools in Basti

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Basti district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state, India, and a part of Basti Division.Let’s explore a bit about Basti district and its history before we discuss about top 10 best schools in Basti.



About Basti:

Basti was originally known as village. The origin of the name Vaishishthi is attributed to the fact that this area was the Ashram of Rishi (sage) Vashistha in ancient period. Lord Ram with his younger brother laxman had been here for some time with rishi Vasistha.

There are 2 notable places in Basti (Amroha) which have significant historic importance - The famous temple Ramrekha Mandir and Chhawani.

Ramrekha Mandir is the place where Lord Shri Ram stayed for one day during his journey from Janakpur to Ayodhya. Lord Shri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana journeyed towards Ayodhya by the road now called Ram Janki Marg (State Highway 72) near Chhawani.

Chhawani is a historic place near Amorha inBasti and  known as a place of freedom struggle of Raja Zalim Singh's State Amorha (also known as Amodha). It was the main shelter for Indian fighters during the 1857 mutiny, and is noted for a Pipal tree where about 250 freedom fighter were hanged by the British Government in action after the murder of General Fort. 

There is Shaheed Smarak Park in memory of freedom fighters.



Top 10 Best Schools in Basti, Uttar Pradesh

There are many great school and institutions in Basti providing quality education. We compiled a list of top 10 best school in Basti to make parents task easier while choosing the school for their child.


There are many schools in Basti with all modern facilities, providing quality education and it’s not possible to include all schools in list. These are the school where we received most favourable reviews but it doesn't mean these are the only good school in Basti. 

What do you think about this list and is there any other school which should be part of this list?  Write to us at [email protected] 

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