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The inspirational story of Nikola Tesla 

by | Published: | Updated: 01/10/2020


The inspirational story of Nikola Tesla - 

An inventor who gave many scientific gifts to the world and the most important items in the list are AC current, electric motor and Tesla Coil. 

Tesla was born in Smiljan, Austrian Empire (now in Croatia) on July 10, 1856.  He had a photographic memory and could memorize books, images, and even 3D structures. As a teenager, he contracted cholera. For over 9 months, he was bedridden for 9 months and had almost died. Tesla studied engineering and physics but left without receiving a degree.  In college, he became fascinated with electricity. He moved to the US in 1884 to work for the famous inventor Thomas Edison.

While working for Thomas Edison, he helped him to improve his DC motor design. Thomas Edison offered him initially $12 Million for his work but failed to pay by just saying “you don't understand American humor” and offered him $10 per week. They parted ways post this incident but one of the most important reason was on different opinion on AC current. 


Edison said his ideas were “splendid”, but “utterly impractical”.


Their rivalry was  continued for years and it was called “War of Current”.

Edison even tried to demean him while trying to prove DC current superiority. And to achieve this he electrocuted animals to discredit the new form of electricity: alternating current. 

But we don't have to say more, time proved that Tesla was right and you can see the AC appliances in each household. 

Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity. 

  • Nikola Tesla


He lived by his saying and this was one of the driving factor for each of his inventions. Years later, Tesla demonstrated a radio transmission but his lab was destroyed in a fire accident as he prepared the first real radio signal. Guglielmo Marconi took his ideas and his technology to win the Nobel Price. Tesla wasn’t happy with this development , especially when he found out that Marconi had received all his financial support from his old rival Edison. 


I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own.
― Nikola Tesla


Later court ruled out in favor of Tesla and invalidated Marconi patents as those were based on Nikola Tesla work. But unfortunately, Tesla was no more to see this day because it happened 2 years after his death.


In 1898 Tesla announced his invention of a tele automatic boat guided by remote control. When skepticism was voiced, Tesla proved his claims for it before a crowd in Madison Square Garden.

One of his most ambitious project was Wardenclyffe Tower, a 185 feet tall, mushroom-shaped tower on the north shore of Long Island capable of transmitting messages, telephony and images to ships at sea and across the Atlantic Ocean by using the Earth to conduct signals.

This was a revolutionary project because Tesla wanted to use it to deliver power wirelessly and light up New York City by transmitting millions of volts of electricity through the air.

He secured loans from JP Morgan for this project in 1901 but backed out from the project. Some speculate that Morgan cut off funds once he realized that Tesla’s plan would have crippled his other energy-sector holdings. 

Just assume the world being powered without use of wires. It was very unfortunate for Tesla and abandoned the project in 1906 before it could ever become operational, and Wardenclyffe Tower was dismantled in 1917.

Nikola Tesla was one of the most prominent scientist in modern world and some of his inventions were way ahead of his time. He really didn't care for money or fame and focused on inventions which will make human lives better. Many people don’t know about him compared Thomas Edison but Tesla continue to lives in each household with his inventions. 



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