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The Positive Perspective of Lock Down 2020 for Parents

by | Published: | Updated: 05/04/2020


‘Lock Down 2020’ an opportunity to explore within

We all, though living in 21st century, where it’s said that technology and modernization has taken control on almost everything. We all have been feeding our mind with a false belief that ‘Today’s Innovators can Create Anything’ and with this belief we all sat in that fast track train and started planning so much about future that unknowingly our present is skipped by us.

In today’s regular life, if a child wants to interact with his/her mother? Most of the time she doesn’t have time to reply or talk about the child’s present day, why? Because she is too busy thinking for her child’s tomorrow, while the father is too busy planning about earning more money for family’s future.  He has developed a habit of sacrificing his today’s peaceful moments by working overtime, ignoring his health and family time. Always overburdened and stressed. Child trying and managing to be safe from teacher – mother interaction or connection for e.g.; complains and issues. Everyone involved in creating ‘Variety of Pollutions’ and Educators busy in schools teaching students about stopping such pollutions. Isn’t this strange?

This pandemic covid-19 has brought not just a comma but a full stop to every human’s life on this earth. It seems as if god wanted us all to take a break and rewind, and live the lives that an adult or a senior citizen has lived a few decades back, where the facilities and comforts for everything were limited. For e.g.; limited food choices, limited freedom for outdoors, limited social circle, limited entertainment, self-service for household core etc.

In the race of reaching up to a step ahead of others and balancing between day to day expectations, surprisingly our own home has become a house of bricks and cement. We hardly get time to spend quality time and talk extra to each other. We know about our distanced friend but at times we are unaware of what’s happening in the other corner of our house.

I believe that this ‘Lock down 2020’ is truly a period for us to follow this quote “If you can’t GO Outside GO INSIDE”.

Genetically, Emotionally, Morally, Practically and financially a tradition is followed since the day a living creature was born on earth. Science too has proved that some characteristics within us our genetic and are given as a habit or an asset by the forefathers. The world of showmanship, comparison and competition has become so strong that we have no time to focus on our child’s potentials, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. All we want is to expect, expect and expect from the child round the clock in different areas a t every stage of his/her life.

This is the time dear all that you have got the time to know your child’s likes and dislikes, interest and disinterest because today we don’t have a fixed routine to be followed like regular days. So dear parents give yourself some time to observe your child keenly, accompany them in what they are doing willingly and without any instructions. I am sure you will notice a positive skill only that the child couldn’t tell you or you couldn’t figure out because of the busy schedules during your regular routine life.

This is the time when you can give them what you already have without trying to reach up, to provide your child something which is out of your reach. Make them understand about what’s called caring and sharing in true sense by getting them involved in your routine work taking small help form them or being help to them. Enough of those only stories based on moral values, train them how those values can be implemented being responsible. Talk to them and feel the change because the talk during these days is nowhere going to be a stress talk or an expectation or a demand like regular days. Make them understand the difference between needs and wants, make them understand about the things which they can get free from nature and from family. Make them see the clean and clear sky, notice the silence around to feel their own breath, make them observe the glow and brightness that they are getting on their face because of home-made healthy food and proper sleep.

Tell them stories about your childhood, make them understand about the privileges that they are blessed with not just with modernization but also with your efforts that they are receiving without any hardships. Be a child with them, and you will be surprised to see similar habits or nature of yours in your child. This period is not just a period to sit and relax. This is also a time to fulfill all that u always keep telling yourself that “I wish I had time to do this” now this is the time to do all that you had wished once upon a time.

In every social platform we all are getting lot many ideas to keep ourselves engaged, occupied and also motivated.

The very important thing that we need to feel within is to feel happy staying home and positive spending quality time. The famous quote “Time and Tide Waits for No Man” the same way this time also is going to pass on soon leaving us again with some or the other regret that “I wish I could have done this during my lock down days”. Talk to them about the damage that we have caused to ‘Mother Earth and also make them understand about the way she is being healed on her own due to this lock down. As this creature named “human is locked inside and restricted from creating any type of pollution around.

Live your passion, bring the best of you that you always wished too during your busy schedules. It can be anything positive that makes you happy. I would suggest the First and foremost is to be a helping hand in every way possible to family to make everyone feel good and at ease being home, secondly spending time singing, dancing, painting, cooking, writing etc. Thirdly making your child understand the value of prayers by making a habit of worshipping regularly as the world is at a stage where modernizations, science, advance technology, money power everything has proven failed to beat this virus.

Though Covid-19 is a terrible situation for humans but parallel it’s a blessing to Mother Earth and other living creatures. Zero pollution has started healing all the elements of Mother Earth. The water looks clean, the trees swaying cheerfully in the cool and fresh air, the sky seems brighter and beautiful because of flying birds and clean smoke free weather and all this makes us feel that the sun that rises and sets selflessly for mother earth is also giving us light feeling happier, brighter and cooler than before.

We are asked for social distancing due to this covid-19 but equally we are also blessed to get a second chance to strengthen our emotional connections. It’s said “Life always give second chance”. This seems so true in this situation because we are being warned by nature that stop damaging and awaken before everything comes to an end.

So friends’ let’s work on the positive side of this situation rather than complaining of lock down or labeling it as if we are in house arrest. Let’s all focus once again to make our houses “Our Home -Sweet Home”. Give time to yourself to be a good observer to understand the efforts of every small thing that you see and feel around. Try and understand the connections and rebuild the bonds within the house members whom we call as family, rework on your responsibilities and duties to feel proud, satisfied and happy being a part of the family that you are blessed with. Rebuild or repair your connections and differences which are knowingly /unknowingly affected due to lack of time and so-called fast life and busy schedules.

By - Darshana

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