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Technology in Indian Education– Transforming Indian Education Sector

by | Published: | Updated: 26/11/2019


Technology in Indian Education– Transforming Indian Education Sector

The future of India will be fashioned in the classroom. The same holds good for the mobile phone. Way back in 1995 mobiles were expensive, bulky, high running cost, and with very few features. Now if you see the present day mobile they are as good as small computers also very cheap mostly all middle class Indian families have atleast one smartphone. Again a dramatic and drastic change of technology but for the betterment. Well so far so good. While India has made great strides in improving the education system but much still remains to be done. If you see the current scenario then you will find that there is a flood of advanced technology all over the globe but our education system is not benefiting due to the lack of information and knowledge of teachers, students and the administration. The students have their own restrictions, teachers have their own and the administration is also admitting the fact that the education system is really in a poor shape today. The goal of this paper is to outline how information technology can help to create an education system that is based on the principles of helping teachers, students and administration to be effective in what they do, improving the quality and relevance of teaching learning process. Education technology, mainly information and communication technology, can address these problems by delivering better lessons, training teachers and motivating students. In recent decades, the cost of computing has plummeted to the point where edtech is feasible even in relatively poor countries. Tablets cost as little as Rs. 2000 and India has the cheapest mobile data plans in the world.


Order to convenience the teacher, student and management to use information technology in education we need to share the following benefits:

a). It induces scientific, economic, technological, information and multicultural literacy and global awareness. 

b). It promotes inventive thinking which induces the following: a) Adaptability & managing complexity. 

c). It Creates Curiosity, creativity and risk taking. 

d). It Builds High-order thinking and sound reasoning.  

e). It develops effective communication which leads to teaming, collaboration and interpersonal skills. 

f). It leads to high productivity which given the ability to plan and manage results. 

g). It induces personal, social and civic responsibility. 

h). It also gives you a sense of using real-world tools with effective, relevant, and high quality results.


To measure the benefits of using technology in Schools we are dividing education with the help of new gadgets into two categories:-

1.     Without advance technology or new gadgets then these are the outcomes:-

a). It is Passive. 

b). It is formal. 

c). It is instructor driven. 

d). It is time dependent. 

e). Content defined by others. 

f). Grade is given only after final evaluation.

g). Not all the students fully participate.

h). Boundaries or limits in examples.

i). Students can not relate or think more about topic.

2 . With technology then these are the outcomes:-

a). It is Active. 

b). It is informal.

 c). It is student driven.

 d). It is not time dependent. 

e). Content defined by students. 

f). Individual contribution is measured. 

g). Progress is accessed throughout. 

h). All students fully participate.

i). Student may also access all data any time.

j). It can built adaptive learning habits in students.

The factors that are enabling the growth of digital education

1. Personalised and adaptive learning.

2. Two-way conversations in E-Learning.

3. Mobile-based learning.

4. Video-based learning.

5. Open educational resources.

6. Usage of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for learning.


Forget about Books And Whiteboard, Computer Screen And Blackboards. Projectors Are The New Friends –  Go Digital: No Teacher, No Classroom, All You Need Is Internet

This is also an influence of modern technology. No need to pay tuition money or go crazy in managing the school and tuitions classes. All you need is a smartphone and decent speed internet. This is the biggest relief for the children who take tuition classes and should run back and forth to attend them, resulting in wastage of time. Thanks to the technology and entrepreneurs who came up with the idea of releasing digital tutorials and applications. Under these educational models, students are the decision makers; they can choose what to study and when to study. They can scrutinize their strength and weakness and work towards it.These educational models like tutorials and apps are designed with original content, graphics and videos to explain concepts lucidly, making learning visual and effective.One of the famous education technology startups, Byju’shas been very helpful for the students, therefore has drawn immense attention. Byju Raveendran, founder of Byju’s stated “When we were conceptualizing we realized it was easier to change the learning habit of students rather than the system itself. Basically, the product is made in such a way that they learn on their own”.   


In the support of education technology yayskool.com present a schools management software for schools and colleges-



In this Information age where everything is at your fingertips, less than 1% schools use school management software. There are multiple reasons behind this such as high cost, lack of broadband connectivity or skilled manpower to implement and use this. 

Yayskool’s SMS software is an honest initiative in line with Digital India to remove these hurdles and bring schools online and make the process more easy and transparent. This is primary reason we kept it free of cost, so everyone including cost conscious school management or schools with less monetary funds can bring their school operations online. There are multiple benefits of using cloud based SMS but one is worth mentioning here is the printing cost. At this moment, most of the schools provide assignments/homework on paper, this cost them a lot of paper & money. Also, this is not good for environment as well. We have made this process online where teachers can upload homework/assignment online and it will be visible to all students. 

Only this feature will help schools a lot of money by saving paper and printing cost.







• MESSAGING – For easier communication with parents and students






For any Query about this software you can contact us:

Mail ID:  mail@yayskool.com

Callout:  +917007178549

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