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Teacher Spotlight- V K Maharaj

by | Published: | Updated: 12/11/2020


Teacher Spotlight- V K Maharaj – 

Meet Mr. VK Maharaj in Nov 2020 Teacher Spotlight series, an excellent educator, spreading knowledge since 1991. Mr. Maharaj strongly believes that teaching doesn’t mean give bookish knowledge only, instead its aim to provide and practical knowledge and all round development, in this way the students could face the challenges of their daily life. 

•          Name: V K Maharaj

•          School Name: Satya Sai International School, Harraiya, Singrauli MP (India)

•          Email: maharajvk25@gmail.com

•          Contact Number (Optional): + 91 7489566581

•          City: Singrauli (MP India)

•          Designation: Principal


Tell us about yourself – Your overall experience in education field, National / International experiences, variety of work you have done in the education field.

  • I am energetic and dynamic person having attractive personality with sound physique.
  • I have been connected with the field of education since 1991, I have worked as a teacher, vice principal, CCA Coordinator and principal in various schools.
  • Wherever I worked, I always focused to provide an applied education to the students as well as colleges.
  • I always try my best to follow the path of honesty, discipline and punctuality.
  • I always love to accomplish the assigned work smartly instead of doing it to hard way.
  • I have always encouraged the students to take part in co-curricular activities such as games, acting, singing and other social works, to come out from their text books, so that they could learn good moral and build up a high character. 


How did you choose the field of education?

When I was a student, that time I used to teach my younger brother and sisters, by doing so, I liked this field too much and I decided to be an educator. 


What would you like to mention for your greatest achievements in field of education? Which gives you a sense of satisfaction?

I consider that my greatest achievement is - that I have always tried to give my best to the mediocre students and they also felt happy with me. 


How has the education system changed as per your view since you were a student yourself?

  • When I was a student that time teachers used to give corporal punishments to the students, gradually the time has changed and teachers use psychological way to teach.
  • As far as the education policy, in my opinion the policy should be made in such way so that when the students come out from their schooling education, they must not wait for the job only. They must be capable enough to win their bread and butter by their own skill. 


What are the qualities you think an individual should possess to be a good teacher or work in field of education?

  • The qualities which an individual should  possess to be a good teacher are- 
  • Honesty, dedication, loyalty, kindness, punctuality, keen observer and apart from these he/she must be set an example with his/er own actions, so that students could follow him/her. 


How do you handle discipline problems? What is the most difficult aspect of discipline for you?

I don’t think there is any difficult aspect of discipline in the student, because, they all act according to the chemicals secreted in their bodies in different ages, according to these body chemicals they show dissimilar behaviour. In order to handle it we should mould their energy in some productive ways according to their appropriate interests.


If you were to change 1-2 things in our Indian education system, what would be those & why? 

I would like to change the way of methodology of teaching, we should teach the students in practical way instead of bookish way. 


What is your philosophy of teaching?

Teaching doesn’t mean give bookish knowledge only, instead its aim to provide and practical knowledge and all round development, in this way the students could face the challenges of their daily life. 


What are your suggestions or guidance for today’s parents in shaping up children’s personality? Especially in this Online or computer age.

  •  ‘Action speaks louder than words.’ So, my suggestion to the parent to shape the personality of their children, parents must not do any kind of action before the children which is against the ethics or they themselves want to not suitable for their children.
  • As far as the age of computer/ online, my suggestion is - parents should keep their children away from this modern gadgets as much as possible at least up to the age of fourteen, however, if we consider the present age, all kind of stuffs are depended upon the gadgets, hence I suggest the parents to keep an eye on their children’s activities when children are using these gadgets until their child becomes self-dependent. Parents should teach their children the responsibilities of appropriate using these gadgets.  


What are the three most important strengths you possess that will make you a successful teacher? Also any weakness in you which you want to improve upon?

Strength – Dedication, Punctuality and eager to learn innovative ideas are my strength.

Weakness – I don’t think anything I possess to improve upon.


If you had not been a teacher or not associated with education field, what would you have been and why?

Well, if I had not been a teacher or not associated with education field, then I have been an actor /singer or associated with show business, because I have possess these extra qualities.


What do you want to accomplish in your profession in next 5 years? 

I want to take my school in such a position so that all parents yearn for take their children to me to shape their child.

The students of my school outshine in such a way so that everyone keep talking about the name of my school, wherever, I am working as a Principal. 


Any other things you would like to share about yourself, your profession, your hobbies, your views?

My hobby is singing, acting and making friends. I firmly believe to live the every moment of life. Life is very short in my view, so we should enjoy the every moment of life in such a way, so that it could give happiness to us as well as others.


How would you rate our website yayskool.com especially this teacher spotlight program? 

I think it’s a virtuous start-up; I wish its success and bright future. 



The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable. It has far-reaching influence on the society he lives in and no other personality can have an influence more profound than that of a teacher. Students are deeply affected by the teacher's love and affection, character, competence, and moral commitment. 
Yet teachers don't get their due respect and credit these days. We have started a Teacher Spotlight program where we recognise the effort of these silent and true Heroes of our society and tell their story.


Note: Please send your thoughts/suggestion or concern/complaints to mail@yayskool.com. 

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