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Teacher Spotlight - Ms. Suman  Rai

by | Published: | Updated: 30/11/-0001


Teacher Spotlight - Suman  Rai - 

Meet Ms. Suman  Rai, working in this pious teaching profession for more than 16 years and modifying and changing the lives of young learners in the field of Science and Biology  as  a Trained Graduate teacher. Ms. Suman has done her Masters in Zoology. Apart from teaching she loves singing and reading books. Currently, she is working with  Delhi Public School, Singrauli, Madhya  Pradesh. She strongly believes that teaching is learning by doing and consider herself  a lifelong learner whose training never stops.

  • Name:  Suman  Rai
  • School Name: Delhi Public School
  • Email: sumandbca@gmail.com 
  • City:  Singrauli, Madhya  Pradesh.
  • Designation:  Teacher (TGT)


‘Education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.’ –W.B. Yeats


Tell us about yourself – Your overall experience in education field, National / International experiences, variety of work you have done in the education field.

I have worked in different Public Schools in Satna as Biology teacher taking Science and Biology classes in XI and XII ,  Presently I am working in DPS (Semi –govt . institution under the umbrella of Mini Ratna Company –NCL , Singrauli in M.P.) and  taking Chemistry in classes IX and X . I am also taking English classes in V I and VII . Apart from taking academic subjects , I have Dealt different unacademic responsibilities too such  as Co- curricular  Coordinator , Science Exhibition In-charge ,Activity In-charge  and  Junior Academic Coordinator. For updating with new system of education ,I have attended seminars and workshops organised by CBSE and DPS Society.


How did you choose the field of education?

Teaching was my passion from very beginning when I was young. I always want to teach my students from heart not by head. For teaching while making lesson plans ,I always find new illustrations and activities to  explain any topic. Like if I have to explain Solar eclipse  I choose students as models for celestial objects ,they also enjoy it . My way is to integrate activity with every topic to make teaching a fun. Some times While explaining  circulation of blood ,I try to sing circulation song. 


What would you like to mention for your greatest achievements in field of education? Which gives you a sense of satisfaction?

Honestly speaking when my students especially mediocre ones talks  and shares about their experience with me and how that helped them to gain confidence and brought changes in them due to which they achieved their goals, this gives me satisfaction. When every child understands any topic by my own invented ways and that brings smile on their faces that gives me contentment. My students after achieving their goals remembers me  at different occasion that give me joy.


How has the education system changed as per your view since you were a student yourself?

It is changed a lot .Earlier it was teacher centric and cramming chapters was a practice administered in school. We were more focused in getting marks . Teachers were also promoting rote learning  and activities related to subject were less . Three decade ago , Art was a different subject from other academic subjects. Values were inculcated by teacher through  harsh punishments. Today we are trying to develop holistic development of a child. No fail policies in some schools and boards as board thinks that no child is born mediocre   and every child is unique and special. Education now is child centric. Education is based on Cognitive, affective and Psychomotor  domains .Learning by doing with art integration in subjects  makes teaching more challenging but fruitful for children.


What are the qualities you think an individual should possess to be a good teacher or work in field of education?

A teacher simply does not teach but brings desirable changes in the learners and inspires them to achieve their  goals  , which brings happiness and peace in the society/ country . Merely teaching academics will not bring change in the society.  As  a teacher we are carrying a huge responsibility of bringing  constructive change in the present techy society. Teacher should impart application based teaching  which will make students more skilled and independent. Along with this   cultural ,ethical, social values ,ecological responsibility should also be instilled in them which is decreasing day by day. A teacher should be a friend , guide , mentor ,a preacher, future builder of a child.


How do you handle discipline problems? What is the most difficult aspect of discipline for you?

A teacher should plan his/ her lesson in such a way that contain real life story , activities and examples which can be attention seeker. Hyper active children should be given some responsibility of class inchargeship to channelize his/her energy. Teacher should use some different modes of teaching sometimes digital followed by explanation, sometimes outside of classroom with some inclusive group activities. Problem starts with highly pampered undisciplined child when  parents interfere  for petty reasons then that causes trouble as that child takes the teacher for granted.


If you were to change 1-2 things in our Indian education system, what would be those & why? 

1. Pressure of course completion for multiple intelligent section of children as they understand with learning by doing activities  which require huge planning .

2. Children should be given relaxation in language, they can learn  and understand scientific concepts in their language, this will raise their self-esteem.


What is your philosophy of teaching?

If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me. I want to bring change (Happiness) in the life of every child so that they never lag in their life and also they understand the social responsibility. I do not want to see any child crying due to pressure of course syllabus. Every child  should enjoy learning ,this is my philosophy .


What is your suggestions or guidance for today’s parents in shaping up children’s personality ? Especially in this Online or computer age.


I expect that parents inculcate positive  attitude and right moral values   like respect , cleanliness, sensitivity towards nature and other creature, kindness etc in the children and prepare them for studies and learning process. Parent should never talkback about any teacher. 


If you had not been a teacher or not associated with education field, what would you have been and why?

Radio jockey or a doctor as I can sing and better in voice modulation at backstage  .  Doctor as I was interested in human anatomy.


What do you want to accomplish in your profession in next 5 years?

I wanted to learn coding  ,  become more skilled in online teaching and helping  students living in remote/ rural areas and also wanted to learn more professional skills to run a school.


Any other things you would like to share about yourself, your profession, your hobbies, your views?

Singing, travelling to historical cities and exploring old monument mimicry, Teaching , Reading books on Indian values and Cooking . 


How would you rate our website yayskool.com especially this teacher spotlight program? 

It is a great platform where the work of a teacher is recognised. I rate 5out of 5 



The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable. It has far-reaching influence on the society he lives in and no other personality can have an influence more profound than that of a teacher. Students are deeply affected by the teacher's love and affection, character, competence, and moral commitment. 
Yet teachers don't get their due respect and credit these days. We have started a Teacher Spotlight program where we recognise the effort of these silent and true Heroes of our society and tell their story.


Note: Please send your thoughts/suggestion or concern/complaints to mail@yayskool.com. 


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