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Teacher Spotlight- Mamta Singh | Yayskool

by | Published: | Updated: 27/05/2024


Teacher Spotlight- Mamta Singh– 

Meet Ms. Mamta Singh in May 2024 Teacher Spotlight series, an excellent educator, spreading knowledge from last 20 years in various role. She strongly advocates or a shift towards a more holistic approach to education that goes beyond academic performance and promote more experiential and inquiry-based learning methods.

•          Name: Mamta Singh

•          School Name: Khoribari J.R. Hindi High School(HS)

•          City: Siliguri

•          Designation: Headmistress 


Thank for sharing your story, please please tell us about your journey, overall experience in education field, National / International experiences, variety of work you have done in the education field.

With over 20 years in political science education, I served as acting headmistress, overseeing school management, organizing committees, and maintaining infrastructure. Dedicated to overall child development and mental health, my teaching experience prioritizes creating supportive environments for students' growth and well-being.


How did you choose the field of education? Was it by choice or some inspiration from someone or a childhood dream? Please help with more details.

My journey into education was a blend of choice and inspiration. Growing up, I was inspired by dedicated teachers who shaped my worldview and ignited my passion for learning. This, coupled with a deep interest in social sciences, particularly political science, led me to pursue a career in education. I was drawn to the idea of influencing young minds and contributing to their holistic development.


What would you like to mention for your greatest achievements in field of education? Which gives you a sense of satisfaction?

My greatest achievements in education stem from the transformative impact I've had on students' lives. One achievement that gives me immense satisfaction is fostering critical thinking and civic engagement among my students, empowering them to become active and

informed citizens. Additionally, seeing students succeed academically and personally, even beyond the classroom, is deeply fulfilling.


How has the education system changed as per your view since you were a student yourself?

There's been a shift towards more student-centred approaches, with an emphasis on interactive and experiential learning rather than rote memorization. Technology has become integral, providing new avenues for learning and collaboration. Additionally, there's a greater recognition of the importance of holistic education, including mental health and well-being initiatives.


What are the qualities you think an individual should possess to be a good teacher or work in field of education?

To excel in education, individuals should possess empathy, patience, and excellent communication skills to connect with students effectively. Adaptability and creativity are crucial for tailoring lessons to diverse learning styles. Additionally, a passion for continuous learning and a commitment to student success are essential qualities for educators.

How do you handle discipline problems in today’s world? What is the most difficult aspect of discipline for you?

I believe in fostering a positive classroom environment built on mutual respect and clear expectations. When discipline problems arise, I address them promptly, employing a combination of empathy, understanding, and firmness. I aim to understand the root causes of behaviour and work with students to find constructive solutions.


If you were to change 1-2 things in our Indian education system, what would be those & why?

1. Emphasis on Holistic Development: I would advocate for a shift towards a more holistic approach to education that goes beyond academic performance.

2. Reduced Emphasis on Rote Learning: I would advocate for a reduction in the reliance on rote learning and instead promote more experiential and inquiry-based learning methods.


What is your philosophy of teaching / education?

My philosophy of teaching is centred on the belief that education should empower students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens. I strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students are encouraged to explore, question, and collaborate.


What are your suggestions or opinions for today’s parents in shaping up children’s personality? Especially in this Online or computer age.

In today's online age, parents should prioritize balance. Encourage offline activities for physical and social development. Set clear boundaries for screen time and model healthy tech habits. Engage in open communication, fostering resilience and empathy. Encourage

curiosity and creativity through diverse experiences, helping children navigate the digital world responsibly.


What are the three most important strengths you possess that will make you a successful teacher? Also, any weakness in you which you want to improve upon?

Three strengths that contribute to my effectiveness as a teacher are empathy, adaptability, and passion for continuous learning. One weakness I aim to improve upon is delegation. Sometimes, I find it challenging to delegate tasks effectively, but I'm working on trusting others and distributing responsibilities more efficiently to create a more collaborative environment.


If you had not been associated with education field, what would you have been and why?

If I hadn't been in education, I might have pursued a career in social work or psychology. I'm drawn to helping others and facilitating personal growth, and these fields offer opportunities to make a positive impact on individuals' lives in different ways, whether through direct support or understanding human behavior.


What do you want to accomplish in your profession in next 5 years?

In the next five years, I aim to further develop as an educator by enhancing my teaching methodologies, incorporating innovative technologies, and advancing my understanding of educational psychology. I also aspire to take on leadership roles within the school community, contributing to curriculum development and teacher training initiatives, ultimately striving to create a more enriching and supportive learning environment for all students.


Any other things you would like to share about yourself, your profession, your hobbies, your views?

In addition to my passion for education, I enjoy engaging in creative pursuits such as writing and music. These activities not only provide a balance to my professional life but also allow me to express myself and explore new ideas. I believe in the power of lifelong learning and constantly seek out opportunities to broaden my horizons, whether through reading, attending workshops, or engaging in meaningful conversations. My views are shaped by a commitment to empathy, equity, and continuous improvement, both in my profession and in life as a whole.


The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable. It has far-reaching influence on the society he or she lives in and no other personality can have an influence more profound than that of a teacher. Students are deeply affected by the teacher's love and affection, character, competence, and moral commitment. 

Teacher Spotlight is an Yayskool supported program where we recognise the effort of these silent and true heroes of our society and tell their story.


Note: Please send your thoughts/suggestion or concern/complaints to mail@yayskool.com. 


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