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Teacher Spotlight - Dr. Purnima Verma

by | Published: | Updated: 05/05/2021


Teacher Spotlight - Dr. Purnima Verma - 

Meet Dr. Purnima Verma, an experienced educator helping students to study and succeed. Recently, Yayskool team got a chance to speak to her in detail and got her views on education and challenges we are seeing in  COVID time. 

  • Name: Dr Purnima Verma
  • School Name: MIST
  • Email: Purnimav454@Gmail.Com
  • City: New Delhi
  • Designation: Exam Controller

In A World Of Worriers, Be The Warrior. Always Saying Yes To New Adventures. - Dr. Purnima

Tell us about yourself – Your overall experience in education field, National / International experiences, variety of work you have done in the education field.

Knowledge is vast area. Very easy to instruct  graduate. Youngers and very vigorous  for teenagers. I am very used to for both. During these both session I kept my emotional and knowledge level together. In Lucknow university I was practical teacher for b.sc as well as M.Sc.  I enjoyed every step . In different school , different kind of students and people.  I was academic head in a medical institute. This position is very hard and responsive. I performed my job very well.  In exam controller job , a new experience, a new challenge.


What would you like to mention for your greatest achievements in field of education? Which gives you a sense of satisfaction?

My greatest achievement in the field of education is my youngest researcher award. After getting this I realized, I can write . With this self-influence activity I wrote a practical book  i.e. An Advance Practical Approach in Chemistry  which is certified by government. On the way of writing  presently working on organic chemistry notes for graduation level. 

How has the education system changed as per your view since you were a student yourself?

When I was student my teachers were  not friendly they were very strict. So for any query I have to think twice. Today students and teacher both are techno friendly  and broad minded. So education is more easy then before .

What are the qualities you think an individual should possess to be a good teacher or work in field of education?

Knowledge,  Mental Growth, Friendly Nature As Well As Strictness, Thinking Ability, Techno friendly 

How do you handle discipline problems? What is the most difficult aspect of discipline for you?

Understand student thinking. To put myself in the place of student and ask myself what I need how can I handle myself we will get answer. 

If you were to change 1-2 things in our Indian education system, what would be those & why? 

“Only B.Ed. candidate teach “ when will government and institute stop thinking this, they will get a new generation of teachers.


What is your philosophy of teaching?

Clear core concept , not learn only but understand.

If you had not been a teacher or not associated with education field, what would you have been and why?

Good exam controller and academic head.

How would you rate our website yayskool.com especially this teacher spotlight program? 

Excellent platform for growth. 


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The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable.It has far-reaching influence on the society he lives in and no other personality can have an influence more profound than that of a teacher. Students are deeply affected by the teacher's love and affection, character, competence, and moral commitment. 
Yet teachers don't get their due respect and credit these days. We have started a Teacher Spotlight program where we recognise the effort of these silent and true Heroes of our society and tell their story.

Note: Please send your thoughts/suggestion or concern/complaints to mail@yayskool.com. 

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