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Teacher Spotlight - Manjinder Kaur

by | Published: | Updated: 12/05/2020


Teacher Spotlight - Manjinder Kaur - 

Meet Mrs. Manjinder Kaur in May 2020 Teacher Spotlight series, an experienced  teacher  and a great human being. Our team recently had a chance to speak to her in detail.  She shared her views on various topics such as teaching experience and how can we make teaching more effective.

Name: Manjinder Kaur
Contact number : +971 557968652
School / Institute: NA
Email id: mmkaur58@gmail.com

Tell us about yourself – Your overall experience in education field, National / International experiences, variety of work you have done in the education field.

I have had 25 amazing years of teaching. Teaching is a thrill for as I taught, I learnt and grew with it. It has been a very enriching experience. Very early I realized that Teaching is a very demanding profession. Getting a degree was one part, but it was a different game altogether when it came to practically imparting knowledge and dealing with the children. Just connecting with them is a huge task. I would challenge myself to make the lessons more creative and interesting for the students. What I learnt on the job is an experience that has made me the person I am today.

How did you choose the field of education? Was it by choice or some inspiration from someone or a childhood dream? Please help with more details.

My family has been my biggest inspiration. They supported and motivated me to do my best. Also came across some good and considerate teachers who showed empathy towards students struggling for extra help and support. I am passionate about teaching and I like being around little children as this gives me an opportunity to mold and guide them in shaping their lives. Being associated with the Kindergarten for 25 years I have always seen a teacher’s role as a leader, a mentor, facilitator and an understanding parental figure.

What would you like to mention for your greatest achievements in field of education? Which gives you a sense of satisfaction?

My greatest achievements

  • I have done my best to make learning interactive, fun and interesting for children.
  • Enriched classrooms and motivated teachers and provided them with relevant resource / learning / Teaching material.
  • Set up the learning stations for reading and writing, Math, Science Lab where children were encouraged to do simple experiments, sand tables, painting corners, dramatic / Role play station, soft Play Gym , construction corner with wooden / plastic blocks etc. 
  • Initiated and Volunteered to accompany students to spend quality time and work with the determined children.
  • Involved in curriculum planning for Kindergarten, whole school activities, Sports Day, Concerts.

How has the education system changed as per your view since you were a student yourself?
The education system has surely changed a great deal. Teaching today has come a long way and the has developed as mentioned below:

  • A big shift from rote learning to giving the child hands on experience of doing things by themselves / learning by doing
  • Skill based learning-The curriculum today offers more choices in subjects and with no gender bias. (Age relevant)
  • Student led learning- making mistakes and over all finding their own solutions to their problems through peer interaction.
  • The freedom of making a choice (Learning stations) and building self-confidence. (Age relevant)
  • Chalks/ blackboard are now replaced by SMART / Interactive Boards. These do add more value to education.
  • With Lockdown and no classroom teaching Home learning / e-learning has taken over in a big way.

What are the qualities you think an individual should possess to be a good teacher or work in field of education?
Qualities an individual must possess:

  • Have good subject knowledge
  • Be prepared, very patient, focused and adapt to the individual needs and various learning styles of their children
  • Encourage student led learning / explore and learn under her guidance
  • Good Classroom and Time management
  • Instil confidence with positive feedback

How do you handle discipline problems in today’s world? What is the most difficult aspect of discipline for you?
I handle discipline problems by:

  • Connecting well with the children
  • Maintaining a positive learning environment
  • Starting with setting my own rules alongside encouraging children to set their own rules for the class. (Age appropriate)

Difficult aspect of discipline:

  • Initially getting the child to open up, listen and communicate their problems
  • Building trust and confidentiality

If you were to change 1-2 things in our Indian education system, what would be those & why?
I would like to see under the teacher’s guidance:

  • More skill based / hands-on learning happening
  • Children given the opportunity to explore and learn
  • Child initiated learning- Teachers teaching the children the way they learn better rather than forced learning as it will more productive and children will develop more interest in learning

What is your philosophy of teaching?
My philosophy of teaching:

  • As each child is unique respect their individuality and work on their strength’s
  • Children are like clay/ sponge and have the capacity to mold / absorb easily
  • Expose them to many languages of art, music, drama, dance, storytelling, and play to help them enjoy their school time
  • Have a good connect and bonding with the children and parents
  • Be a role mode, show empathy and be respectful

What is your suggestions or guidance for today’s parents in shaping up children’s personality? Especially in this Online or computer age.
My suggestion:

  • Whatever time spent with the child should be quality time. Parent is an equal partner in shaping the child’s personality
  • Teach the children to choose between right and wrong
  • Value ethics in life and model the right behaviour

What are the three most important strengths you possess that will make you a successful teacher? Also any weakness in you which you want to improve upon?
Strengths are:

  • My commitment to my work, being patient, caring and very passionate about teaching
  • Good classroom and time management
  • Using varied teaching strategies to cater to different styles of learning
  • Along with developing their skills give equal importance to Physical Education


  • I would like to develop the ICT skills so as to meet the challenges we foresee for thefuture.

If you had not been a teacher or not associated with education field, what would you have been and why?
Probably a Theatre artist. This gives me a platform to express myself freely. Also experience different situations of life.

What do you want to accomplish in your profession in next 5 years?

  • Keep working productively and be valuable to the society.
  • Also enjoy what I am doing.

Any other things you would like to share about yourself, your profession, your hobbies, your views?
I want to impart / give back to the society what I have gained / learnt over the years and do my best in bringing about a positive change in the society.

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The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable. It has far-reaching influence on the society he lives in and no other personality can have an influence more profound than that of a teacher. Students are deeply affected by the teacher's love and affection, character, competence, and moral commitment. 

Yet teachers don't get their due respect and credit these days. We have started a Teacher Spotlight program where we recognise the effort of these silent and true Heroes of our society and tell their story.

Note: Please send your thoughts/suggestion or concern/complaints to mail@yayskool.com. 


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