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Swapna Augustine – Inspiring Story of An Artist

by | Published: | Updated: 18/10/2020


Swapna Augustine – Inspiring Story of An Artist - 

Swapna Augustine, a girl born without arms on Jan 21, 1975, in Kerala, Pothanicad but achieved something greater than most of us with her confidence and unimaginable talent. Sapna is an artist who uses her feet to draw and paint.


Her talent for art was discovered in here early age when she was still a small girl studying in school. He got encouragement  & support from her parents and teachers to continue painting, to keep learning. This certainly gave her wings to dream and fly with her art and immense creativity.  


“Despite disabilities, God has given me a talent in arts by which I overcome the difficulties. Over the last seven years I have visited and taken part in exhibitions in various parts of the world,” she says.


Swapna has so far painted 4000-odd pictures in the last 15 years. Her paintings have been published in many students’ newsletters and youth magazines.   She takes around five to eight days to complete a painting. The pencil sketch takes two to three days. She can’t sit more than 2-3 hours a day dur to discomfort as she draws or paints either on floor or door.


Read more about Swapna and check her work as artist on MFPA website.



Swapna was recently featured in Savlon India ad which became very popular and was appreciated by masses. This advertisement was part of Savlon Swasth India Mission in partnership with Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) launches the #NoHandUnwashed movement.  


You can watch the advertisement by visiting below link.

#NoHandUnwashed | Savlon Swasth India | MFPA | Global Handwashing Day


Swapna’s life is an inspiration for all of us and teaches us a very valuable lesson that no matter what your situations are, you can turn-around your life and make it successful. 


Thank you for reading. 


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