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Short Stories for Kids

by | Published: | Updated: 11/12/2019


Short Stories for Kids - 

Moral stories are thought to be intended for children. Reasons behind this are because the child's mind is pure and clear and the morals can be imparted and be stamped for life not only can these for kids alone, but adults can also learn a lot from it. Well in as much as this title sounds as if it's for kids, adults are welcomed to learn some of these lessons. the importance of moral stories cannot be overemphasized in this modern world. These stories bring a form of reminder of the kindness of humans and how they inspire us in every spare of life. Most of these stories were made. Moral stories are the great cradle of stimulation and inspiration. Occasionally, moral stories make us go back to our origins and aids us in determining some of the misplaced documents of life. Moral concepts provide the enormity of the humankind and are transferred from generation to generation. Through the reading of more moral studies, there will be a drastic improvement can be seen in one's life. Moral stories have an important the characters in these stories become like their friends. Reading enables the kids to increase their confidence level, learning and coping with language and feelings.


Very Short Stories For Children With Morals

The Cave that Talked

Kharanakhara was a lion who ruled over a certain part of a jungle. One day, he could not prey upon a single animal after wandering around the jungle in search of food. It was almost sunset, and the lion started returning in spite of being very hungry. On his way, he saw a big cave, and thought to himself, "It is for sure that some animal must be living in this big cave. Such a nice cave cannot be un-inhabitated. At sunset, whatever animal lives here is bound to return. I shall hide inside the cave and wait for my dinner to arrive."

The cave was the home to a jackal, who arrived a while after the lion had hidden inside. While entering he noticed the footprints of the lion leading into the cave, but could not find any footprint coming out. He thought, "If a lion is indeed entered, I will be dead as soon as I enter. But, how can I be sure? There is no reason for me to stay away from my home if there is no lion inside. I must find out a way to confirm if the lion is still inside."The jackal thought of a plan, and standing in front of the cave, began to shout, "Hello Cave! Hello Cave! Can I come inside?"For some moment, he waited in silence and shouted again, "Hello Cave! Have you forgotten our understanding of all these years? I always wait for your reply before I enter. Why are you silent today? I shall then go to some other cave if you do not reply."On hearing this, the lion thought, "The cave must reply to the jackal when he returns at sunset. It is because I am inside that the cave is not replying today. I must invite on behalf of the cave, or the jackal will go away."

So, the lion replied from inside the cave, "Hello Jackal, you may enter. It is safe inside."The reply was even more frightening due to the echo from the walls of the cave. The jackal at once knew that the lion was waiting for him to enter and make a meal out of him. He ran off, as fast as he could and saved himself.


Use your tact to protect yourself from destruction.The Foolish Crane and the Mongoose


The King and the Foolish Monkey

Once there was a king, who had a pet monkey. This monkey was a fool, but was treated royally and moved freely in the king's palace. The King And The Foolish Monkey - Panchatantra Story PictureHe was also allowed to enter the king's rooms that were forbidden even for the confidential servants. One afternoon, the king was asleep, while the monkey kept a watch. All of a sudden, a fly came in the room and sat on the king's chest. The monkey swayed her away, but the fly would only go away for some time and return on the king's chest again.

The King And The Foolish Monkey - Panchatantra Story PictureThe monkey got very angry and excited. The foolish monkey started chasing the fly with a sword. As the fly sat on the king's chest again, the monkey hit the fly with all his might. The fly flew away unharmed, but the king was severely wounded.


Beware of a foolish friend. He can cause you more harm than your enemy.


The Jackal and the Drum

One day, a jackal called Gomaya was very hungry and was wandering about in search of food. After some time, he wandered out of the jungle he lived in and reached a deserted battlefield. In this deserted battlefield, a battle was fought recently. The fighting armies had left behind a drum, which was lying near a tree. As strong winds blew, the branches of the tree got rubbed against the drum. This made a strange noise. When the jackal heard this sound, he got very frightened and thought of running away, "If I cannot flee from here before I am seen by the person making all this noise, I will be in trouble". As he was about to run away, he had a second thought. "It is unwise to run away from something without knowing. Instead, I must be careful in finding out the source of this noise". He took the courage to creep forward cautiously. When he saw the drum, he realized that it was only the wind that was causing all the noise. He continued his search for food, and near the drum, he found sufficient food and water.


Only the brave succeed in life.


Fighting Goats and the Jackal

One day while a sage was going through a jungle, he saw two golden rams (billy goats) fighting each other. Fighting Goats And The Jackal - Panchatantra Story PictureEven though both were wounded, and blood was oozing out from their heads and bodies, they did not stop fighting and rammed at each other. At the same time, a hungry jackal was passing by. When he saw all the blood, he started licking the blood from the ground without caring for the fighting rams. Watching all this, the sage thought to himself, "This jackal is a fool as it has become greedy by the smell of blood. If he comes between the fighting rams, it will get rammed and get hurt himself".No sooner had the sage thought of it, the jackal craving for more blood came nearer to the fighting rams, and got caught in the middle of their fight. Both the rams rammed into him by mistake. He got hit on his head and fell down because he was severely wounded.



Do not close your eyes to the impending danger due to greed.


The Cobra and the Crows

There was a big banyan tree, where two crows - husband and wife, had prepared a nice nest and made it their home. In the hollow of the same tree, lived a black cobra. Cobra and Crows - Panchatantra Story PictureThe crows had a problem because the black cobra would climb up the tree and eat the newborns, whenever the female crow hatched her eggs. They could do nothing to save them. The crows went to a jackal, who lived in a nearby banyan tree, to seek his advice. They narrated everything to him and requested his advice for them to get rid of their problem. They said, "O Friend, It has become dangerous to live here. Please tell us how we can protect our children from being eaten up by the wicked black cobra."The jackal replied, "Please don't give up. Even powerful enemies can be overcome with the use of wit."On hearing this, the crows requested, "O Friend, please tell us how we can overcome and destroy this wicked cobra."The jackal told them a plan, "Fly into the capital of the kingdom, not far from here. Visit the house of someone who is wealthy and careless at the same time. Notice if something of value is lying around. If you find so, pick it up when the servants are watching you." He continued, "You will need to fly slowly so that the servants can follow you. Return back to your tree and drop it in the hollow of the tree where the cobra lives. When the servants reach, they will kill the cobra when they see it."Cobra and Crows - Panchatantra Story PictureThe crows decided to follow the jackal's advice and flew off immediately according to his plan. As they flew above the capital, the female crow noticed wealthy women swimming in a lake. They had left gold and pearl necklaces on the banks of the lake, which were guarded by royal servants. At once the female crow swooped down, and picked up a big necklace in her beak, and started flying slowly. When the royal servants noticed her, they picked up sticks and stones, and started throwing at her, and ran to chase her. As planned, she dropped the necklace in front of the hollow of the tree, where the black cobra was asleep. She sat on one of the branches for the royal servants to notice. When the royal servants arrived, the black cobra came out of the hollow of the tree to see what all the noise was about. The black cobra confronted the king's servants with swelling hood, but the servants attacked the cobra with sticks and stones to recover the necklace. They killed the wicked cobra and returned with the necklace. And the crows, having gotten rid of the cobra, lived happily.


Even a very powerful enemy can be destroyed through deceit.


The Bug and the Poor Flea

Mandavisarpini was a white flea. She lived in the folds of the exquisite white silk sheet that covered the bed of a king in a certain country. She fed on the king's blood without anybody noticing, and was happy to spend her days. One day, a bug managed to enter the beautifully decorated bedroom of the king. When the flea saw him, she warned, "O Bug, what are you doing in the king's bedroom. Leave at once before you get caught!"The bug replied, "Madam, even if I were a good-for-nothing bug, that is no way to treat a guest. One should welcome a guest with humble words, sweet behaviour and offer refreshments"The bug continued, "I have fed myself with all types of blood, but never have I had the pleasure of the blood of a king. It must be very sweet, for the king eats the choicest of food. I would love to taste the king's blood if you permit."The flea was taken aback, "O Bug, you have a nasty bite, like a sharp needle. Besides, I feed on the king's blood only when he is deep into his sleep. I can permit you to feed on the king's blood only if you promise to wait till he is asleep."The bug agreed, "I promise to wait till the king is asleep, and only after you have fed yourself, will I feed myself on his blood."Soon after they decided on such terms, the king came to his bedroom and lay down to sleep. The bug could not control himself and decided to take a tiny bite of the king, without waiting. As the king was yet to fall asleep, he jumped at the sharp bite of the bug. The king shouted at his servants, "Hey, there is something in my bed that has bitten me. Look for it, as I have already been bitten."On hearing this, the bug quickly hid in a corner of the bed, before the servants could start searching for him. However, the servants scrutinized the entire bed, sheet by sheet, and found the flea between the folds. They killed her at once, and the king went to sleep without any more worries.



The false promises of friends, as well as strangers, have no value. You end up paying for it.


The Turtle that fell off the Stick

There lived a turtle called Kambugriva in a lake, who had two swans as her good friends. The Turtle That Fell Off The Stick - Panchatantra Story PictureAll three of them would meet on the banks of the lake every day, and exchanged stories, before returning at sunset. They enjoyed each other's company. One year, there was no rain and the lake started to dry. The swans got worried about the declining water level of the lake, and said to the turtle, "You will not be able to survive in this lake. All the water in the lake will soon dry up".The turtle was aware of the problem, "It is indeed difficult to live here anymore. Dear friends, please look for an alternate lake which is full of water. Then, find a strong stick from somewhere."The Turtle That Fell Off The Stick - Panchatantra Story PictureThe turtle continued, "Once you find another lake, you can carry me to the lake with a stick. I can hold the stick tightly with my mouth, while both of you can hold the stick at either end and fly".As planned, the swans flew to distant places and after some time found a lake which had plenty of water in it. They returned to carry the turtle. They prepared to hold the stick from both the ends and suggested the turtle, "Dear friend, everything seems fine. But make sure to keep your mouth tightly shut all the time. You must not speak, or you will fall off."Finally, they started flying. After some time, they had flown some distance when the turtle saw a town below. The Turtle That Fell Off The Stick - Panchatantra Story PictureThe people of the town were staring at the sight of two swans carrying a turtle in the sky. "Look at that! This is a rare sight that two birds are carrying a turtle with the help of a stick", they shouted in admiration. On hearing all the commotion, the turtle opened her mouth, "What is all the commotion about?", she asked. Needless to say, she went down the moment she opened her mouth, and the swans could do nothing to stop her from falling to the earth. As she fell, the people of the town captured her to make a feast out of her.



Never fail to listen to the advice of your friends.


Tale of the Three Fishes

Three fishes named Anagatavidhata, Pratyutpannamati and Yadbhavishya lived in a certain pond, along with many other fishes. One afternoon, some fishermen were passing by the pond. They investigated the pond and agreed that the pond was full of fishes. Since they were already returning after catching fishes and already had a big haul, they decided to come back the next morning. They discussed, "This pond is full of fishes, and there are many big ones too. We have never caught fishes in this pond. Let us come back tomorrow morning."

The three fishes were swimming on the surface when they heard the fishermen discuss their plans. The first fish panicked. He immediately assembled all other fishes and told them what they had heard. He said, "Tomorrow morning, the fishermen will arrive to catch us. I do not want to die like this. So, I will leave with my family at the earliest. I advise all of you to follow me. It will not be wise for anybody to stay here any longer!"The second fish agreed, "I shall follow you, my friend, for what you say is correct. It will be unwise to remain here anymore!"But the third fish disagreed. He laughed at the two fishes, and said to the fishes assembled, "See how cowardly these two act! This pond belonged to our forefathers, and it is our home now. For so long, no harm has ever come to the fishes of this pond."He continued, "Just because some fishermen were discussing their plans, is no reason for us to panic and leave our home. Those who agree with me, I advise them to stay where we belong and not go to some unknown place."He further said, "O Friends, the scriptures state that when the time for one's death arrives, one is not spared. If the death has to come, let us rather die bravely in our home!"

Thus, the fishes of the pond got divided into two groups. The group that wanted to stay laughed at the other group. However, within the very evening, the families of the first two fishes started their journey to a different pond through a small outlet. They were followed by many who believed them. 

The next morning the fishermen arrived as they had planned, and trapped all the fishes that remained in the pond by casting net all over the pond.

Not a single fish was spared, and the fishermen were overjoyed with the big haul of fishes that they had caught.


When you see danger coming, act immediately.


The Bird and the Monkey

There lived a group of monkeys in the mountains. During one winter, there were heavy rains. Drenched in the rain, they began to shiver in the cold. The Bird And The Monkey - Panchatantra Story Picture During this time, some of the monkeys found some colourful Gunja fruits, which appeared to them as embers of the fire. Hoping to make some fire for themselves, they began to blow at them. A bird on a nearby tree was watching the monkeys from above. Considering the vain attempts the monkeys were busy with, it thought of advising them against it, "What big fools you are. You are blowing at some Gunja fruits and not embers of the fire. You will never be able to make any fire out of them."The Bird And The Monkey - Panchatantra Story Picture"What you are doing is a waste of time. These fruits will not help you to protect yourself against the cold. Go and find some shelter instead. You may find a cave or a burrow where you will be protected from the rains and the cold winds."The monkeys did not like his advice. One of the old monkeys said, "Go fool yourself. Why are you interfering in our task?"But the bird disagreed. Not heeding what the old monkey had said, it flew down from the tree and persisted that the monkeys stop what they were doing. The monkey ignored his chatter but the bird refused to stop. The Bird And The Monkey - Panchatantra Story picture in an effort to convince the monkeys, the bird came close to explain that their efforts were useless. Already frustrated by their vain efforts, the monkeys became furious. One of the monkeys caught hold of the bird and smashed him against the ground. The bird was severely wounded.




Never advise unless you are asked for it.


The Monkey and the Crocodile

There was a Jamun (Black-berry) tree on the bank of a river, which was full of sweet Jamun fruits throughout the year. This tree was home to a monkey called Raktamukha. He used to pass his days happily by playing and jumping and used to eat the sweet Jamun fruits.

One day, a crocodile named Karalamukha came out of the river to take some rest under the Jamun tree. When Raktamukha saw him from the tree, he said, "O Crocodile, this tree is my home and you have come under this tree to take rest. This makes you my guest. Please accept some Jamun fruits."

Raktamukha plucked lots of fruits and threw them in the crocodile's mouth. Karalamukha loved the sweet fruits and became friendly with Raktamukha. Karalamukha left in the evening after thanking the generosity of the monkey.

Karalamukha started coming to the Jamun tree every day, and they became good friends. They would talk for a long time and enjoy eating the sweet Jamun fruits together.

One day, Karalamukha said to Raktamukha that he wanted to take some of the Jamun fruits for her wife to let her know of the sweetness of these fruits. So, the monkey happily plucked more fruits for the crocodile to take home.

Karalamukha took those fruits and offered his wife to eat them, and narrated the story of his friendship with the monkey who lives on the Jamun tree. The crocodile's wife was overjoyed on eating those sweet fruits.

She said, "O Dear, these fruits are as sweet as nectar. If the monkey eats these fruits every day, I wonder, he would be even tastier. Please bring the monkey's heart for me."

Karalamukha was astonished on hearing this. He said, "O Dear, I cannot kill or deceive the monkey for his heart. He is my friend. It is unfair to think of such a thing"

But his wife pleaded for the monkey's heart. When she could not convince the crocodile of doing it for her, she stopped eating and insisted that we would rather die if the crocodile refused to do as she wished.

Karalamukha was left with no other choice but to succumb to her wishes. Although he was sad, he devised a plan to catch his friend and went to Raktamukha. 

He said, "O Friend, my wife loves the fruits very much and I told my wife about our friendship. Now, she is anxious to meet you. She is angry with me for not introducing you with her earlier. So, she has invited you to our home for dinner. Please accept our invitation."

The monkey accepted at once, but how could he go to the crocodile's home? I could not swim. The crocodile said, "Sit on my back, and I shall carry you to my home"

And so Raktamukha sat on Karalamukha and they entered the water of the river. Karalamukha took him to deeper water where he planned to kill him. At the same time, Raktamukha got very scared with so much water all around him. he pleaded his friend to move slowly.

At this moment, the crocodile knew that he had succeeded in his plan and had the monkey totally under his control. He thought that the monkey couldn't escape from him so he revealed his plan, "O monkey, the truth is I am taking you to make my wife happy. She wishes to eat your heart. She believes that the taste should be even better than the Jamun fruits you have all the time."

Upon hearing this, Raktamukha was taken aback. But he did not panic. Instead, he wittingly said, "O Friend, Why didn't you say that before? It would be my privilege if I could serve your wife with my heart. You are such a good friend, and you should have told me earlier. I keep my heart in the burrow of the Jamun tree. Let us go back and bring my heart at once."

The foolish crocodile believed him and turned around. Karalamukha took Raktamukha to the Banyan tree believing the monkey to bring his heart from the tree. But as soon as Raktamukha jumped down from the crocodile's back, he climbed up the tree and sat on a high branch. He had finally saved himself from the crocodile's evil plan.

Karalamukha wanted to know, "What is causing this delay? We are getting late, and my wife has been waiting."

Raktamukha answered, "O foolish friend, how can one take out his own heart and keep it in the burrow of the tree? You deceived me to kill me, and in return, I tricked you in saving myself. Let this be a lesson to you for being so unfaithful. Go away, and never return."

The crocodile knew he had been tricked, and felt ashamed for his actions. He went away.


Use intelligence to win in difficult situations.


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