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Scholarship for Students in India

by | Published: | Updated: 04/12/2019


Scholarship for Students in India

The scholarship is boon for students belonging to the weaker sections of the society, who are unable to pursue their education for some reason or the other. With the cost of education increasing rapidly, a major contribution is being made by higher education. Whether you consider a government college or a public-funded college, education has become an undesirable thing for many. If you are looking for a professional or technical degree course, the cost scenario can become even worse. This increasing cost scenario, in turn, forces many students to give up their dream career. The scholarship is an incentive as well as encouragement for students, who are talented but do not have the means to study further. There are a variety of scholarships – merit-based, need-based, student-specific, career-specific and college-specific.

In India Scholarship is a source for the students to make the best career since India is the developing country many of the people are below poverty level. In India, both the government and private organizations support the candidates in providing the scholarship to reach their goals. The financial aid is provided to the candidate in the form of scholarship at a different level of education such as graduate, postgraduate, doctorate or post-doctorate level through which economically backward candidate can make their dreamed career. The scholarship is not only the source to provide financial aid to the students but also act has awareness about education among various people. Since the fee for higher studies day by day is increasing, instead of being a brilliant candidate some candidates can't go for the higher studies. Here the Scholarship act as a tool for them to pursue higher studies. Indian Scholarship meant for individual development. However, through which overall development of the country is reached.

A lot of capable students often fail to fulfil their dream for higher studies with the cost of education having become quite a costly affair. The need for scholarships is compelling and critical for our students more than ever before. Many public and private organizations aid capable students in need of financial assistance.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education offers National Scholarship and also facilitates in the nomination process for the External Scholarships offered by various countries, to the meritorious and eligible Students.



The  Vidyasaarathi scholarship program is designed for the candidates pursuing any graduation course like Bachelors of Science, Commerce, Arts, any other bachelors equivalent course, B.E/B. Tech, ITI and Diploma courses. Vidyasaarathi scholarship is a platform by NSDL e-Gov for applying to various scholarships provided by corporates. Vidyasaarathi does not charge any fees to students in any way to apply for scholarships. Awarding of the scholarship is the sole discretion right of a corporate. Applying to scholarships does not in any way guarantee the award of scholarship. Vidyasaarathi reserves the right to withdraw or amend any listed scholarship without prior notification. Scholarships are offered subject to funding and availability.

Vidyasaarathi Scholarship list 2019-20

1. Under Graduate Course Scholarships:

2. B.E/B.Tech Scholarships:

3. ITI Course Scholarships:

4.  Diploma Scholarships:

Vidyasaarathi for Student:

Due to unaffordable and increasing fees structure of the higher education in India many students misses out on the higher education due to lack of funds. Those students that are willing to pursue higher education and need financial support can use Vidyasaarathi platform to avail the required financial support. Students seeking for education scholarship can search and apply for various education finance schemes that they are qualified for.

How does Vidyasaarathi Work:

Vidyasaarathi would allow fund providers to create their education finance scheme and manage it through their foundation or a Vidyasaarathi empanelled trust/ foundation. Through Vidyasaarathi the fund providers would be able to;


1. Create and manage schemes

2. Student application management

3. Student profile view access for decision making

4. Set-up different users, company logo, and passwords

5. Publish education finance information on Vidyasaarathi Facebook page

Read more on official: https://www.vidyasaarathi.co.in/

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