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Role of sports in overall kids development and learning process

by | Published: | Updated: 20/10/2019


Learning is a continuous process and sports can play very crucial role in development of the mind and also body.  With rapid growth of technology, most of kids spend more time in playing video games or play games on phone/tablets. It is not very healthy sigh and kids can never developed their motor skills. Sports help kids to use their various body parts that will help muscles to grow strong. 

More than fit body or mind, sports can teach valuable life lessons to kids which they can’t learn otherwise. 


1: How to be competitive

As we all know that world is full of competition and no matter what every kids have to face it as he/she grows. Whether it studies or jobs or any other aspect, kids have to go through an intense competition as they grow the level of competition will grow. Sports can definitely teach them how to be competitive because in sports you have to beat your opponent and you can’t win unless you become competitive. 


2: How to face failure: 

Failures are very important part of our life and if never fail that means we are not going to be successful but more than failures what is more important is how to face it. Most of people will feel demotivated or negative but sports can teach how fail fast and smart. It is imperative for kids to fail and sports can them a platform to fail and how to face it in order to be successful. For Ex: One of the greatest Indian cricket team captain Saurav Ganguly had failed to be part of Indian team for two years but then he came back and became them most successful captain who transformed the Indian players mind set. 


3: Value of team

Good team can do wonders in life.  Sports can teach kids how to build good team and how to be a constructive team player.  Through sports, kids can learn that their best chance of success will be through cooperation with their teammates and that is the same on the court, in the classroom or in their career. 


4: How to be a leader 

A kid can get an opportunity to hone he/her leadership skills because while playing sports a player has to go through many ups and down moments and how to face those moments with positive mind-set and also with right attitude will teach a kid to be leader.


5: How to control emotions

There will be games where the referees don’t seem like they even have a whistle in their mouth. For e.g.: every basketball player will experience games where the ball just won’t go in the ring or when there is a right bowl but umpire give call it no ball. When these things happen, payers will learn that getting angry or frustrated won’t help the situation rather may make it worse. Experiencing feelings of frustration/anger and learning how to control them will teach kids in all the aspects of their lives. 


There are plenty of other lessons sports can teach and that’s why it is VERY IMPORTANT for every parents to encourage their children to play sports especially when there are young.  If we look at the developed nations like USA, Australia or England, the reason why they are so successful because they not only focus on studies rather they also give similar importance to other aspects like sports and all. There are so many examples of successful sportsperson in this world and they can be a good role model for any child.   

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Vishwas Saraswat

FISAF Singapore Certified Personal Trainer 

Email: vishwassaraswat@gmail.com

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