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Is reading your New Year Resolution?

by | Published: | Updated: 02/01/2020


Did you just make that 2020 New Year Resolution to read more Books?

Importance of Reading Books

Reading is important because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge and lessons to read while keeping our minds active. In today’s fast-paced world, reading often rides in the backseat of the entertainment car. While advances in technology have made for impressive entertainment choices, it’s important to remember that reading is the only entertainment medium that’s also an essential life skill.

Reading boosts intelligence, provides competence in school and for future jobs, and inspires the imagination like no digital medium can. In the world, today, where information is abundant, reading books, is one of the best ways to be informed. It sharpens your mind through stimulation of the brain.

Reading doesn’t just help with your critical thinking, but it also improves your brain function. Consider what happens when you work a muscle every day.  Reading can be a great benefit to you in many different ways—such as sharpening your mind, imagination, and writing skills. With so many advantages, it should be an everyday occurrence to read at least a little something.

Books can hold and keep all kinds of information, stories, thoughts and feelings unlike anything else in this world.

So here, are the Benefits of Reading: the reasons why reading is important.

Benefits of Reading

Kids who read often and widely get better at it. 

This is pretty much just common sense. After all, practice makes perfect in almost everything we humans do and reading is no different from anything else. 

Reading exercises our brains

Reading is a much more complex task for the human brain than, say, watching TV is. Reading strengthens brain connections and builds new connections.

Reading improves concentration

Again, this is a bit of a no-brainer. Children have to sit still and quietly so they can focus on the story when they’re reading. If they read regularly, they develop the ability to do this for longer periods.

Reading teaches children about the world around them

Through reading, children learn about people, places and events outside their own experience. They are exposed to ways of life, ideas and beliefs about the world which may be different from those which surround them. This learning is important for its own sake however it also builds a store of background knowledge which helps younger children learn to read confidently and well. 

Reading improves a child’s vocabulary and leads to more highly-developed language skills

This is because children learn new words as they read but also because they unconsciously absorb information as they read about things like how to structure sentences and how to use words and language effectively.

Reading develops a child’s imagination

This is because when we read our brains translate the descriptions we read of people, places and things into pictures. When we’re engaged in a story, we’re also imagining how the characters are feeling. We use our own experiences to imagine how we would feel in the same situation. 

Reading helps kids develop empathy

This is something I’ve only recently realised but it makes sense. As my friend said to me when we were discussing it: ‘Of course it does because you’re identifying with the character in the story so you’re feeling what he’s feeling.’

Children who read do better at school

And they don’t just do better at subjects like reading, English and history. They do better at all subjects and they do better through school. 

Reading is a great form of entertainment

A paperback book or an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle doesn’t take up much space so you can take it anywhere and you’ll never be lonely or bored if you have a book in your bag. You can read while waiting in a queue while waiting for a friend who’s running late or during a flight delay at an airport. 

Reading relaxes the body and calms the mind

This is an important point because these days we seem to have forgotten how to relax and especially how to be silent. The constant movement, flashing lights and noise which bombard our senses when we’re watching TV, looking at a computer or playing an electronic game is quite stressful for our brains. When we read, we read in silence and the black print on a white page is much less stressful for our eyes and brains.



Writers are often big readers as well because they seek the fulfilment of reading. Studying the writing of others is a great tool, especially if you enjoy writing. The best part about reading about how to improve your writing is there are various books written about the writing craft with information about all forms of writing.

If you aren’t an avid reader already, give it a shot. Reading might seem boring to some who have never truly read a great piece, but with a little time, you can love reading as well. With all of the amazing benefits of reading, it is definitely worth the time. Take a chance to help your mental and physical well-being. It’s quite simple; pick up a best seller, settle down in your cosy bed, and read! 

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