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Online Education in India

by | Published: | Updated: 27/12/2019


Online Education in India - 

Online education is support for all students and innovation in the education industry. Online Education has broadened the surface area of the education industry and provides a better platform for investors. 

Online Education now is much more than a teacher talking to students. Online education has provided a new way of learning to develop a student’s mindset beyond schooling education. More than 370 million users are on the internet in India helping online education to grow at a fast pace. E-learning market in India is estimated at more than 3 billion at present. Online education provides information for every field of education at a wide range. Byju, Vedanta, educate and many more start-up in India emerging fast in Indian online education market. Online learning has helped most of the people in providing education in different languages of their choice. Massive open online courses aim at unlimited participation and open for all via the web to deliver them education through different courses available.

Government Role

 Introduction of new government policies has helped Indian online education market to have a positive outlook in the education industry. Government is making policies for expansion of digital literacy in India and to develop online education delivery infrastructure. Digital India Initiative with a long-term vision to provide quality and technologically aided education to all provides major support in the development of online education in India. This initiative aims to provide high-quality service of internet across the country at an affordable price for the growth of online education in India. Government is also pursuing big companies like Qualcomm and Reliance to increase their horizon more in new technologies useful in the education sector for the better Indian education system.


Recent Investments

 Chan Zuckerberg invested US$ 50 million in Byju’s, an education technology start-up providing online education in India. Bertelsmann India invests $8.2 million in Eruditus. Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. Ltd offers online and classroom-based certification courses under the brand name EduPristine has raised US$ 10 million from Kaizen Management Advisors and DeVry Inc. Tata Trusts of the Tata group has entered into a partnership with web-based free learning portal, Khan Academy, and seeks opportunity to use technology as a medium to provide free education to everyone, anywhere in India.


Market Potential 

Much innovation and successful start-up initiated in the field of online education in the last 3 years. According to Technavio’s market research analyst prediction, online education market in India is growing at a CAGR of approximately 19% by 2020. 1.3 million users are from India out of 18 million registered learners according to a recent analysis of Coursera, the world’s largest online education provider. Increasing interest in flexible, career-relevant online courses has resulted in a considerable rise in new registrations in India of 70 per cent over the past 12 months. As per the survey, India is the third-largest market for online learning after US and China.


Online education played an important role in developing the Indian education industry overall in terms of money as well as innovation. Most of the population are on the internet and learn every day something from it. Online education provides the medium for students to develop skills just by sitting home at free of cost. Innovators and investors kept on looking for better opportunities in online education as it is a growing industry and have a scope of improvement in India.

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