List of top 10 best schools in Indore

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Before we talk about top 10 best schools in Indore, lets explore bit about Indore city. Indore was founded in 1715 as a trade market on the Narmada River valley route by local landowners, who founded Indreshwar Temple (1741), from which the name Indore is derived.  

The city is popular for its history, monuments, food and bazaars. Indore is the most-populous city in the Madhya Pradedh and also an education hub commercial and industrial centre.It has several reputable schools/colleges and attract students from everywhere.  

If you are considering a school for your child in Indore, please go through the list of top 10 best school we have compiled to make it easier for you. 

Top 10 Best Schools in Indore


There are many world class schools in Indore and it’s not possible to include all schools in list. These are the school where we received most favourable reviews but it doesn't mean these are the only good school in Indore.  


What do you think about this list and is there any other school which should be part of this list?  Write to us at [email protected] 


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