Is your child being unhappy at school?

Is your child being unhappy at school?

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Is your child being unhappy at school?

We witness everyday people stressed or unhappy at our offices and same goes for your child that he or she will not always be happy at school. There could multiple reason such as academic pressures, issues within friends or groups and insufficient support from teacher or management staff.  

Let’s talk about some warning signs you should must note in children which signify if your child is unhappy at school.


Crying or being very sensitive:If your child is crying very often and being very sensitive than normal, it could be potential sign of unhappiness at school.


Stomach aches or diarrhea before school: An occasional episode isn't unusual, but if you notice a recurring problem, your child might be worried about something at school.


Nervousness: If your child develops unusual behaviors such as nail-biting, thumb-sucking, hair-pulling, or bed-wetting.


Keeping alone or silence: Your child stops talking about school or gets nervous when you bring up the teacher, homework, or anything else related to school.


Boredom.Your child seems uninterested in schoolwork and homework or no longer brings work home from class. If her grades are good and you don't suspect a learning problem, this could be a sign that your child is finishing everything at school and needs more advanced work. 


Fear of returning to school in the fall.Kids love summer vacation, but most are ready to return to school in July. If your child isn't, find out why. 


If you notice any of these signs, please talk to them and try to understand the situation. It is very important that you listen to them without judging. 


You also need to ensure that your child knows that you are with him to help whenever they need. If they are struggling with some subjects, don't blame them for not studying and suggest few option or help them with studies.


If you are unable to find any cause, it’s better to reach out their teacher. Also spend some time with your child and request to give some attention if there is something wrong in their school life. While you should not expect daily contact, it is important to establish a good relationship so that you are kept ‘in the know’ and so that staff can address your concerns.   

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