Is life fair or unfair? – A powerful lesson from Mahabharta

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Whoever is born in this world will have to face problems and it doesn’t matter if you’re born poor or rich.  Life isn’t fair to anyone. In fact, it can never be because in this human form all of us are here to learn certain lessons and it is important that we do.


There is an interesting conversation between Karna and Shri Krishna about unfairness of life in epic Mahabharta and gives a powerful message that how deal with problems in your life.


Karna asked three questions to Lord Krishna:


1: My mother left me to avoid embarrassment when I was born. Is it my fault that I am an unwanted child?

2: Guru Dronacharya denied to educate me because I wasn’t a Kshtriya. Was it my fault?

3: Draupadi insulted me in front of thousands of people because I wasn’t considered as a low born. Was it my fault?


Lord Krishna listened very patiently  and replied:


  • I was born in a prison.
  • Death was waiting for me when I came to this world.
  • I had to be separated from my parents and stayed the day I was born.
  • I became a shepherd and lived an ordinary life. I did all the work a normal person does.
  • I didn’t have an army, proper education, no gurkul, no palace yet my maternal uncle Kansh considered me as his enemy.
  • I was attacked viciously when I couldn’t even walk properly.
  • Later I got a chance and went to Maharishi Sandipani’s Ashram.
  • I had to take my family to a very far place Dwarka beside seashore and stay there due to animosity of Jarasandh.


Hey Karna,


No-one’s life is free from challenges and everything can’t be perfect in life. Everybody has challenges in life.


Dhuryodhan also has a lot of unfairness in life and so has Yudhishthir.

But what is Right (Dharma) is known to your mind (Conscience).

No matter how much unfairness we got, how many times we were disgraced, how many times we were denied what was due to us, what is important is how you REACTED at that moment.

Note: Some people claim this conversation never happened but even as a story, it teaches us a lot about life.

To conclude this, everybody has some problems but that's how life moves forward and gives you an assignment or purpose to do better. There is no point to complain about it but find a way to deal and move forward. The only thing matter when you are having a difficult time is  that how do we deal these situations, problems, circumstances with rightness, knowledges and wishful thinking.