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Important Tips to Improve Public Speaking of Your Kids

by | Published: | Updated: 09/02/2022


Public Speaking is an essential skill to learn and master. It is one of those skills that will help kids in their educational journey and professional career. Despite being one of most important skills anyone can have, young kids and even adults are fearful of public speaking. 

Some kids are naturally good with public speaking while some fear standing in front of an audience and talking or speaking to them. However, if we mentor kids and teach them the basics of  public speaking, they can pick it up easily. 

Kids like to play games and the best way to teach them anything is to make learning fun. Here are some cool tips for you to teach kids and help them practice public speaking.


Story game with cards - Write names of people, places, and objects on separate cards. Place all the cards in a bowl, invite your kids to pick out any two cards, and tell a story connecting the two words in the cards. This will help children with the practice of speaking with prompts and preparing speeches.

Word Spin - Write random words on an individual piece  of paper such as birthday, cake, table, slide, fairy, America, Ocean etc. Put all papers in a box and ask your kids to choose one from these. Ask him to share the word, place or object’s history. This will help the kid to enhance their imagination and encourage them to speak fluently impromptu.

The Expert Game - While playing with kids, try to come with some questions and let them be the expert. This will help them think and voice their opinion.

Let’s Debate - Take a topic and have constructive communication where you talk to your child with positive and negative aspects of it. Let them speak freely and listen when they speak.

In The Moment -  Whether you are going to a picnic or to a game, share anything spontaneously such as the place you are going to, color of vehicle, traffic rules etc and listen to what they have to say.

Public Speaking is one of the most important skills and teaching kids at a young age will help them be confident and natural speakers.

YayTalk is a public speaking platform for kids, an initiative of Yayskool. At Yayskool, we help kids to learn the basics of public speaking and mentor them to sharpen their speaking skills. Please visit the URL below to know more about it, and submit your details if you want the YayTalk team to cover your child in upcoming episodes.



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