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Identify your child’s true potential

by | Published: | Updated: 30/11/-0001


Identify your child’s true potential - 

There are endless possibilities of careers and options of education in today’s times. Parents are constantly seeking to help their children chose the best career, however if we take a step back the 1st and foremost question is to find the true potential of a child.

The discoveries about the human brain in the 21st century have revealed the astounding fact that human abilities are not fixed at birth. The old thinking of linking birth to the potential one can achieve in life has been slowly wiped off. 

‘It’s all in the genes’ is no more as strong statement and thus it’s a mix of genes and nurture which plays a significant part in molding what a child is and what he/she can become. 

Definitely there is no single way nor there is a complete right / wrong way. At the same time 1 fit all will also not work. However there are some good guidelines which you can try to follow and get close to what each parent is looking for.

Discovering and developing your child’s gifts and talents is like discovering colors of a rainbow i.e. while you know the different colors, there is always a possibility of mixing these colors

The possibilities are endless. All children are born with three natural abilities that provide them with the potential to think like a genius: the thinking ability, to learn and to develop their own individual way of thinking and learning.

Some best practices on how you can help your child to bring out his/her true potential are given below.

Utilize their time and more importantly don’t waste it

The biggest waste of time in a kid’s life is the useless shows on TV and the too much of video games on their screens, be it laptops or mobile phones. Make it selective watching rather than cutting down the television completely. Choose the programmes that they should watch, based on their educational, informational and entertainment value. Apply similar filters for the kind of games they can do on the internet. Not all games are good, and not all games are bad. Games are in fact contribute to building mental abilities if done correctly.

Boredom is a red signal to watch out for

 If your child constantly throwing tantrums citing the reason  that he/she is bored with school, or with routine life in general, that is a sure signal that his/her creativity and thinking skills are not challenged to the optimal levels. Time to find out what is causing the boredom. Talk to the teacher / friends and find out if more challenging activities can be given. At home or when playing with friends, give opportunities to use his/her creativity.

Encourage questions – key to creativity

 Children are born naturally curious. They ask ‘why?’ questions all the time. It is important to answer them with same interest. If parents and teachers can give opportunities to develop their natural curiosity and thinking capacity, they will learn faster and better. Never discourage questions and curiosity. Don’t give conclusive answers, rather give possibilities. I remember an e.g. as seen between a parent and a child – A child asked the parent while standing on a terrace and looking at another terrace with lights across the boundary walls, what are those lights? Instead of answering it straight fact, when the parent asked what do you think they look like? The answer was it looks like a cake with candles all over. Now that’s creativity.

Environment is to explore at the fullest.

I don’t mean the eco system here but the environment a child is bought up in. Give them enough freedom to explore themselves and the environment. Children raised in an overly protective environment will lack brain stimulation and will have low chances of growth. Let them play in the mud, rain, and get dirty occasionally. Let them introduce themselves to strangers, under your supervision and thus develop communication skills.

Child needs to be provided plenty of problem-solving opportunities

Problems keep coming up  all the time and in different forms. It could be ‘how to ride your bike without an accident?’ or ‘how to balance study and play time?’ or ‘how to face a bully at school?’ Encourage your child to find their own solutions to problems his/her own, but offer support when needed.

Encourage Riddles & Puzzle solving

 Riddles explore the commonalities and relationships among things and at same time challenge the existence of logics. Engage in such riddles and games with your child, so that their lateral thinking abilities develop. Make them think out of the box to help them see things differently.

Exercise Increases Brain Plasticity

 Research conducted at the University of Pisa in Italy, as well as many other studies around the world have shown that exercise enhances neuroplasticity. Exercises are not just for obese adults! Children who do not move around much and sit in front of a screen most of the time are not likely to develop their cognitive and social skills. Please note these also include mind exercises and controlled levels of video games can be called mind exercises as well.

Emotional Security

 Envelope your kids with love, respect and care. They should have a strong sense of security and should avoid any signs of non-stability during childhood. Changes are necessary but slow down the pace if required and possible like changing cities, society, schools needs to be spaced out .

Give them ample opportunities

 Take your kids to bird / animal shows, science fairs, music concerts and art galleries. Let them join the school scouts team if there is one or be part of excursions at school. Buy them a bike so that they can move around on their own and get a pump here at Pumps for Bikes so they are always prepared. Take them to good movies. The idea is to give them as much exposure as possible, as many experiences as possible. More practical experiences the better. Make them meet elder children who have done good in their studies for positive influence.

Imbibe positive moral values

The world does not need a Frankenstein or antisocial geniuses. Intelligence gone on a destructive way can do uncontrollable harm. Positive moral values such as love, respect, optimism, care for the weak, helpfulness and honesty should be inculcated in the child from early age. Keep looking for opportunities to show them and make them do with their own hands.

Build up their confidence

 Give them plenty of positive feedback. Build a ‘can do’ attitude in them. Let your kids know that they can be whatever they want to be, and do whatever they want to do, with their life. There are no limits for possibilities.


Ultimately, it is the parents nurturing and to some amount child’s genes that decides a child’s future. Each child is unique. Parenting styles play a vital role in shaping and bringing out this uniqueness to the fullest. Parents would want to adapt the guidelines above to suit their own children’s needs.

Can you identify the true potential of your child? Can he/she be a genius? Yes, he/she can be, if you give him/her the right support, the right stimuli, right environment and the right mentoring.


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