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How to Study Smart: 10 Proven Ways to Achieve Better Results

by | Published: | Updated: 01/10/2019


Studying is an important part of academic success. Having a study plan is very important because this will help you achieve your desired goals with respect to your studies. It also helps you to get through your exams without worrying of getting a failing grades. Remember planning is an essential to succeed in all fields of activities.

We will discuss today about  How to Study Smart: 10 Proven Ways to Achieve Better Results


Pay attention in class

While attending lessons, it’s very important that you pay attention because this class or lesson may not happen again. If you are not paying attention, you may not take notes for revision later and this will surely hamper your study plan. 


Take good notes

Taking good notes while study lessons or group discussion is one of the best habit you must develop. Notes are important because these are written by you in your language and not the bookish language and helps you in revisions. If you have notes available, means you can go over and over and recreate that lesson/topic.


Keep an organized notebook

Whatever notes you have taken during lessons, make sure these are documented in proper and organised way in a notebook. You will realised after sometime that you have created your own knowledge bank what others don't have. 


Know the purpose of each assignment/test

Every test or assignment is designed to prepare you for something. Focus on the purpose of assignment and then prepare a study plan to achieve the desired goal.


Ask questions in class

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you didn't understand what teacher is trying to explain. 


“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”



Keep reviewing because it will help you retain 80% of information.

Reviewing what you have learned in class is the most important step. As it helps you to retain the knowledge by memorising or understanding the logic. 


“Practice makes perfect. After a long time of practicing, our work will become natural, skilful, swift, and steady.”

Bruce Lee


So keep reviewing and practice your knowledge you have attained in class.

Plan a definite time and place for studying each day.

Make a plan to study at home and it must be definite time/place. Because it helps to form a routine and later converts in a habit if you follow it each day. Nothing is better than a habit of reading because it opens a new horizon for you to learn and succeed.


Study for a while and take short break.

This is something vary person to person but taking short breaks during studies will help you rejuvenate and concentrate better.


Don't cram for hours the night before a test.

Night before test/exams is crucial because we start feeling restless and some degree of anxiety. But.. hey – don't worry, you have prepared well and nothing going to change in a night. So take a deep breath, don't cram for hours, revise your lessons wisely and rest properly. 


Study a little bit each day.

Last but most important tip we have is study every day, even if it a bit. Make it a habit  to allot sometime for studies no matter how busy you are. This is something which will help you to achieve greater result if  done regularly. 


Finally, Think Positive …Do your best!

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What are your study hacks and how do study every day?  Share your story and write to us at mail@yayskool.com. 


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