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How to Control Weight for Overweight Kids?

by | Published: | Updated: 03/12/2019


How to Control Weight for Overweight Kids?

If your child is overweight or obese, helping him get to a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for him now and in the future. But what’s the right way to do it? 

There’s no single number on the scale that all kids must reach to be healthy. The right range depends on how tall they are, their gender, and their age. Most children shouldn’t lose weight -- they should just maintain it as they grow taller or put on pounds more slowly.

How can you tell if your child needs to slim down? Talk to his health care provider. They can help you come up with a safe plan. Also, some expert advice may help you know what to focus on to help your child reach a healthy weight, no matter their age.

Goal: Many kids need to stay at the same weight or gain it at a slower rate as they grow taller. After puberty, your child may be able to lose up to 1 or 2 pounds a week. Speak with his doctor to decide what’s right for him.


What you can do

Preteens and teens are old enough to make decisions about their own health. But your guidance still matters. Work together with your child to help him make smart choices. Even better? Make a plan to get the entire family on the right track with food, exercise, and less screen use.


Make health the goal

The wrong comments about your child’s weight can harm his self-esteem. Take the focus off of weight loss. “The conversation should be about being healthy and active,” not about getting to a specific size or number on the scale.


Keep up family mealtimes

Teens have busy schedules. But it’s important to sit down to eat as a family as often as you can. One study found that kids who had family mealtimes at least three times a week were 24% more likely to eat healthy foods than those who didn’t.


Offer support

 If your child says that he wants to slim down, it’s important to understand his motivation. Are other kids bullying him about his size? Is he trying to model a celebrity’s physique? Those are not good reasons to try to lose weight. Make sure he understands that looks aren’t the important part -- it’s about making healthy choices so he has the energy to move and think.

Then, you can talk about specific ways to support him, like keeping junk food out of the house or planning a family walk or bike ride each evening.

Does your child want to try a weight loss plan? Some programs are tailored for older kids. They may be safe and helpful but always speak with your child’s doctor before he starts a plan of his own.


Encourage them to get moving

Like younger kids, preteens and teens need an hour of physical activity every day. They don’t have to tackle it all at once -- shorter sessions throughout the day work just as well. At this age, they probably aren’t as interested in running around at the playground. “Help them find a type of exercise they enjoy, such as dance or a certain sport,” 


Remember that more time moving will probably mean spending less time with video games or smartphones. Help your teen keep his screen use to a minimum. One great way: Put your own devices away and get active together.


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