How to build good study habits in kids?

How to build good study habits in kids?

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Effective studying is all about routine and it’s very important to build good study habits in kids when they are young. This will help them to achieve good marks or grades at the same time it will make them more disciplined. 


Here are some tips you can follow to build good study habits in kids:


Help kids in getting organized and prepare a schedule 

Having a dedicated study schedule will ensure your kids to know exactly when to study and on what to focus, meaning he or she can plan other elements of their life, such as classes and social activities, around it. 

Designate a study area and build the right environment 

Where your child is studying can make a massive difference.  Even at home, studying in front of the TV won’t be the best use of your son or daughter’s time. Help your child by providing a quiet, well-lit, low-traffic space for study time. 


Limit the use of phones and avoid distractions 

It can be difficult to stay focused while studying. Smartphones offer a whole range of distractions, including social media, texting and apps to name a few. As a parent, make sure a “communications blackout” policy with no cell phones or social media allowed until schoolwork is done. By turning their phone off and putting it out of reach, they can direct more of their attention towards your studies. 

Reward your kids

It’s important to reward your kids for a good study session and meeting the expectations. For example, it will be a good idea to reward them if they have finished a 2000 words of essay and did well in tests.

Help them priorities

This is one of the most important skills your child will learn, as an inability to clearly identify the most urgent task can impact productivity in a negative way. Here are some quick tips:

  • Help them in making a to-do list
  • Encourage them taking notes.
  • Explain that what will take the longest amount of time what is due first, which will have the greatest consequence if it is not completed, and help them priorities accordingly.


For some students, college may seem like an intangible event in the very distant future, but in reality, it isn’t so far off. Starting early can be an immense help in navigating the college admissions process. Be sure to get organized, set goals with your child and have regular check-ins to assess progress.

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