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How Empathy Can Lead to Stronger Character

by | Published: | Updated: 11/01/2020


How Empathy Can Lead to Stronger Character - 

Empathy is the ability to perceive or feels what another person is experiencing from within their life, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another's position. Also called “vicarious introspection,” Empathy is the ability to put one’s self in the shoes of another. Compassion and kindness are close cousins of empathy. Together these are the most important life values that create unity and preserve positivity in human. Since the beginning of time, speakers, great leaders, spiritual masters and philosophers alike have underscored the importance of assimilating these values in children.

Problems start when people do not care for each other, doest understand what other people think, and cannot see the other’s point of view. The inability to see things from others’ perspectives creates unending cause and effect cycles of negativity and resentment and often leads to rivalries and wars.

Empathy, build a team leader, responsible and helpful community member or nurture a new generation of leaders.


Development of Empathy in Kids

For most children, empathy seems to come naturally. Empathy involves being sensitive to the emotions of others, understanding those emotions and responding in an appropriate way. Others may be perfectly capable of understanding the emotions of others but choose to respond in an inappropriate way, such as being aggressive. Empathy leads to stronger friendships and relationships and is an essential ingredient for real Life. 

  • Studies show that when young learners have empathy, they demonstrate:
  • Recognizes the common feelings that most people experience
  • Higher classroom engagement being more active
  • Can imagine what response might be appropriate or comforting in that particular situation
  • Improved academic achievement 
  • Lower incidents of bullying 
  • Reduced aggression 
  • Improved communication 
  • Leadership ability

Empathy builds a positive classroom culture

With the diversity of students entering classrooms each day, paralleled by an increase in globalization, it's more necessary than ever for teachers to actively construct a positive classroom culture. Since learners come from different regions, religions and socio-economic backgrounds, empathy helps them relate better with their peers. It helps learners build authentic and long-lasting relationships. Empathy sets students up to deepen relationships with their current classmates and people that they know outside of school.


Building kids to Develops as Future Leaders

Great teaching does not automatically translate into great leadership, yet teachers are often thrust into leadership roles without specialized training. Emerging Leaders prepares educators with the skills they need to guide their students to excellence. Empathy defines real leaders and differentiates true leaders from merely popular ones. To emerge as a true and trusted leader, one must be able to understand and relate with others based on trust and respect. Empathy strengthens trust and deepens respect. Empathy is a key ingredient in building relationships based on respect.

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