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Getting Your Child to Open Up to You

by | Published: | Updated: 12/07/2020


Life is a roller coaster ride, be it an adult or a child. There can be many ups and downs and a lot of bumpy roads to cross, but what’s important is that we must learn a lesson from every experience. The bumps on our road may scare us initially, as we are unsure of what’s coming. These are circumstances when we need to open up to another person.

For kids, a lot of things that they may choose to do may be new to them. They are maybe not aware of how to go about it, sometimes they are not sure how it might turn out. They are young and hence everything is rather new to them. Being confused, shy, and uncertain is natural. They may make mistakes in the process but it's important that they are shown the right direction too.

This why opening up becomes essential. Owing to their young age, kids are unaware of the world and the different kinds of people in their surroundings. The world is one big place lurking with a lot of different kinds of people. There are people who may misguide kids, teach them false methods, or even cause harm to our kids. As our children are young, it becomes our responsibility to protect them and guide them as necessary.


As parents, we must manage to have our kids describe their day to day events and learn to analyze potential mistakes that our kids may commit. As the saying goes, “throw away the bad experience, but save the lesson”, yes, it is important to let our children learn from their experiences but it is important that they are on the right path.

It is necessary to have a conversation daily with our kids to understand what has been happening throughout the day and who they are in company with.

A few practices that we can follow have been mentioned:

Talk to kids about school every day

Make it a habit to ask kids what they did at school during the day, how are all their friends, and whether they are enjoying school. Make note of if they are happy and excited about going to school or rather gloomy and sad while talking about school. The key is to have this conversation daily with kids as it gives them a sense of love and concern from their parents.

Make it a routine no matter how busy you are with work.

Keep in touch with your kid’s friends and their parents

Talk to other parents and ask them about how their kids are doing at school and whether they know of anything is happening at school. Maintain contact with other fellow parents as they can be a helping hand in informing you of any mishaps at school.

Attend parent-teacher meetings and other events at school

PTAs are conducted to help parents understand their child’s progress at school. Make sure to attend these meetings as it helps in staying informed about your child. Get acquainted with the teacher and enquire of any unusual events at school with your kid.

Stay calm and listen with an open mind

After staying informed, the second-best thing is to keep an open mind when talking to our kids. Understand and most importantly remember, kids are young, and it’s natural to make mistakes.

Support your children and make sure they know that your there for them. This can help reinforce their trust in you and can make them open up a lot more.

Remember, getting kids to open up, doesn’t constantly require that we constantly keeping prying down their necks. We need to give them their space, they must be given the freedom and most essentially, they should be given a chance to make their own decisions.

This applies to slightly older kids as they are in a constant endeavor in discovering themselves and a feeling that they are already grown up and don’t need their parent’s help anymore. This might instill a sense of fear in you, as parents, but that’s natural.

Let your kids know that you trust them, you will always be there for them, and will always guide them to take the right decision. Believe in your kids and be their support system in helping them grow up to become good citizens of tomorrow.          


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