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Exercises tips for kids

by | Published: | Updated: 22/01/2020


Exercises tips for kids - 

We all know, it’s tough to get started. It’s not easy to throw on your workout clothes and start tackling your fitness goals. Children subconsciously waste a lot of energy trying to figure out how to get out of an Exercise. But has it ever occurred to you that we make it into something much worse than it actually is? After all, it’s not about running a marathon three times a week or preparing for a bodyweight training competition. We’re just talking about a 20 to 50-minute run or physical workout like playing sports – and it does even have to be every day minimum for an hour. 

Personal trainers, we talked to recommend these tactics or tips for kids to keep the child motivated and inspired to Exercise or physical workout.



Shift your child thinking from couch potato mentality to thinking like an athlete. This may sound like a big challenge, but it’s not as big a leap as you think. Schedule a regular time for your workout. Treat your exercise time like an appointment you can't miss. Write it down or put it in your phone and set a reminder so you don't forget.

"Children should accumulate at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours, of age-appropriate physical activity on all, or most days of the week.

Generally, Children want to skip their exercise or workout because of tired/laziness, busy, low-energy, and have too many things to do. But when the child was done working out – hello endorphins! Children probably write things down like: I feel great, I am so happy I finished that Exercise/workout, I have so much energy, I feel so strong!


Do VARIETY in Exercise/Workout

Don’t do the same workout all the time. Mix it up! You can go with your child for a run or a bike ride or do some sports training using the schedule. This is a great way to make child exercise/workout routine more fun so your child will stick to it long-term. By nature, humans need change and variety to stay motivated. We also need to have fun — even while we’re working hard. Do both! 


Workout variety also challenges your child in unique ways, which may introduce you to new muscle and mental groups you didn’t even know you had. Consider disciplines that give you more bang for your buck, suggests meditation and yoga, for example, serve dual purposes as mental therapy and physical activity. Or try an exercise/workout tracking to help your child shake up their routine.


Follow Your Calender

If you put your child workouts in your calendar every week, you can’t make excuses. Think of these as appointments – like a time for yourself. You’ll see, planning helps.

Some of the most committed exercisers do it every day before the sun comes up or late at night when the kids are in bed. Sit down with your weekly schedule and try to build in an hour each day to be good to your body.

“It’s easy to stay in bed. But you have to set an alarm and take the extra initiative,” “Then you’ll find you have more energy and can be more efficient throughout the day.”

Set realistic goals that include clear milestones, and track your child progress toward the goal, you’ll find a ripple effect occurs and things fall into place in their work, home life, and health.


When your child eats unhealthily, processed, and high-sugar foods, child body doesn’t get the energy it needs. These foods make your kid feel tired, lazy, unmotivated, and grumpy. So, make sure your child eats a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as the three macronutrients protein, carbohydrates, and fat.


How do you motivate your kids to exercise more and engage in outdor activites, send  your thoughts/suggestion to mail@yayskool.com. 

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