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Emotional Intelligence - Impact of child development.

by | Published: | Updated: 24/10/2019


Lots have been discussed over a period of time on IQ to an extent that structured tests have been developed to assess the IQ levels in children. Its a concept introduced in the 19th century. IQ is often thought to be related to academic success, at work and in society, recent studies show a link between IQ and health, longevity (smart people). often have more knowledge in taking care of themselves) and the number of words that person uses.

So what is EI i.e. Emotional Intelligence:

This index describes the ability, capacity, skills  or the ability to self-identify to identify, evaluate and regulate one's own emotions, of other people, of emotional groups. Point to be noted is this is a fairly new branch of psychology. A more appropriate definition would be Ei is "The ability to monitor the feelings and emotions of someone and others, distinguish between them and use this information to guide thinking and his actions"

A discussion of the literature then follows, focusing on three key questions: What do we mean by emotional “intelligence”? What impact would improved emotional intelligence have on learners’ emotional health and well being, academic achievement, and other adaptive outcomes? Should we teach emotional intelligence to children?

Why not? Everybody is going to have different views on school curricula, but to be completely honest, you’re probably already teaching Emotional Intelligence.

How? By modeling and reinforcing certain behaviors. By listening, validating, and empathizing, among myriad other things. Even just discussing emotional topics is already part of helping children learn about feelings, and it builds their emotional vocabulary too.

EI helps children understand themselves and others, communicate, and handle unpleasant feelings. Both now and later in life, it can help them develop and maintain relationships at work and more personally. Whether you want to teach it in a separate class is a topic for another discussion, but in a nutshell—there’s no real scientific reason why we shouldn’t be teaching EI.

Children will learn about EI vicariously and through reinforcement i.e. by watching parents and siblings;
Kids are going to learn through family experiences – which relates back to the concept of an emotional climate; and
Parents can teach, support, and scaffold kids’ EI development in active ways – essentially just a more specific extension of ‘parenting practices’.

thus I can safely conclude - Parenting practices and behaviors play a key role – this includes modeling behaviors, coaching, and similar; and
Families create Emotional climates– this encompasses how (or when, or even if) they express emotions. These Emotional climates can be conducive or otherwise to kids’ ER development.

A Message to carry forward

EI is so many things, from understanding and acknowledging the way that we feel, to growing and developing relationships, nurturing them, especially in the naive age of a child.  Giving kids the opportunity to develop their empathy, social skills, and more is one of the best ways to equip them for life ahead. From managing their feelings when they feel down, to managing friendships at all levels to helping them find their own best ways of tackling different situations not just intelligently but with social awareness.

The best part of teaching EI is that the process will make adults learn in the process as well. Its true that we are never too old to start learning 

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