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Best Family Christmas Games

by | Published: | Updated: 17/12/2019


Christmas, Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus. The English term Christmas is of fairly recent origin. Families come together to eat, drink, be merry and argue over Christmas TV, whereas children look forward to a visit from Santa Claus and his sack of presents. Since the early 20th century, Christmas has also been a secular family holiday, observed by Christians and non-Christians alike, devoid of Christian elements, and marked by an increasingly elaborate exchange of gifts. In this secular Christmas celebration, a mythical figure named Santa Claus plays the pivotal role.

Christmas Games

It is that time of the year again. Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur across the world. Although everyone loves Christmas, it is a holiday designed for kids. And nothing makes the holiday more fun than Christmas games and activities designed specifically for kids. One of my favourite things about the holiday season is attending all of the wonderful Christmas parties, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with these super fun Christmas games! These Christmas party games are great for both kids and adults, and everyone is sure to have a fantastic time when you play them! This party games collection is made up of a combination of physical games that will require guests to get up and out of their seats as well as printable games that can be played while sitting around the dinner table. There’s something fun for everyone.

We have some old favourite kid games with a Christmas twist, some new popular Christmas games, and some time-consuming activities to keep the kids entertained for a longer time. Choose from our Christmas Party Games, Fun Christmas Games, or Christmas Activities for kids. It's Christmas Eve and your kids are raring to get into their presents so that they can play with all of their new toys. Instead of enduring their begging and pleading to start the unwrapping, keep them both distracted and entertained until it's time for bed with a few Christmas games. They'll love getting to compete in a snowman spoon race, play reindeer ring toss, pin the nose on the snowman, or, for the older kids, trying to solve a North Pole-themed murder mystery game.


Best Family Christmas Games That Will Get Everyone Ho Ho Ho-Ing with Laughter

House parties are fun but they can turn a little boring without some fun games. While you get busy with the list of people to invite and baking the perfect Christmas cake, we have collated a list of a few fun games for you to play with your guests and kids this season. Here are the games that you can play to add some fun in your Christmas Celebration:

Christmas tree Game

What you need: Green crepe paper, ornaments on hooks, tinsel, garland, and a timer.

How to play: Start with making two teams. Each time is then handed out a roll of the green streamer, some ornaments used to decorate a Christmas tree and tinsel. As the timer starts, both the teams will have to begin draping one member of their team as a Christmas tree. Once the timer goes off, the best creatively decorated tree wins!


People BINGO

What you need: Papers, equal to the number of players. On each paper, write out a list of personality traits.

How to play: Hand out one paper each with personality traits to the players. Each player will have to walk to the others and match the traits that they think best suit the person. The player who fills his form the fastest wins.


Blindfold Christmas Drawing

What you need: Papers, pens and a blindfold.

How to play: Hand out the paper and pens to each player and blindfold them. One person will now have to call out instructions and the blindfolded players will have to draw the scene out. For example, the one giving out the instructions can say "draw a Christmas tree with a star on it". In the end, whoever has better illustration wins.


Christmas Charades

What you need:  Cutouts of Christmassy things.

How to play: One guest picks a card and has to act out the object. The others will have to guess it. You can time the one who has to enact to add some pace.


The Cards and Candy Canes Game

What you need: Cards and candy canes.

How to play: Favourable for a group of six, a dealer will have to deal with cards to five players. Place four candy canes in the centre. As the dealer continuously deals out cards, whoever gets four of a kind, like four aces or kings or queens, gets to pick a candy cane. In the end, one person will be eliminated. Repeat this game until you have a winner. Remember, the number of candy canes on the table has to be one less than the number of players.


Christmas Carol Pictionary

What you need: A list of Christmas carols written on separate game cards and a painter easel (you can also have a whiteboard).

How to play: One person draws a game card without showing the rest. He now has to illustrate the carol to the group who will have to guess the right one!


Stocking Stuffers or Bluffers

What you need: Stockings, gifts and small chits of paper with challenges written.

How to play: Stuff some stockings with gifts of your choice and fill the rest with the challenges' chits. Your guests get to pick one stocking each. If their picked stocking has a gift, they get to keep it. But if they get one with the challenges, they will have to complete the task at hand!


Pin the Nose On Rudolph

What you need: A cut-out of Rudolph the reindeer, a blindfold and a red piece of paper cut in a circle for Rudolph's nose.

How to play: Each guest gets to play this game individually. Blindfold a guest and turn them around. Now they will have to walk up to the cut-out of Rudolph and pin the nose on the picture. Whoever sticks the nose closest, is the winner. You can have multiple rounds of this game and do the best of all rounds to get the final winner.


20 Questions: Christmas Edition

What you need: Pictures of everything Christmas - Christmas tree, bells, Santa Claus, Rudolph, Candies, the list being endless.

How to play: One person - the answerer - will pick one of the Christmas themed objects without revealing it to the others. All the guests get to ask one question each, until 20 questions are asked, to the answerer which is answered in YES or NO. If those asking questions can guess the object correctly, another guest gets to be the answerer. If not, then the answerer gets another chance.


Red Nose Reindeer Game

What you need: A red craft pom with a ribbon attached for each player and a bottle of Vaseline.

How to play: Players need to hold the loose end of the ribbon in their mouth and sway the ribbon in a way that the pom sticks to their nose


As your guests enjoy themselves with the food, drinks and games, don't forget the gifts. Spread the cheer!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas- Yayskool Team

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