Become a student parent and succeed in life

Become a student parent and succeed in life

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All parents will know that sometimes it’s difficult enough being a parent without adding ‘student’ in there too.  Balancing family life, parenthood and college coursework can be difficult at best, and challenging at worst, especially for those without the support of a spouse or family. 

But it’s never too late and it’s worthy to pursue your studies and complete your course/degree where you left before marriage or family commitments. 

Here are some tips that how can you become a student parent and succeed:


You are not alone

Whether you realize it or not, there are more student parents getting enrolled themselves for higher studies and choosing a career path what the left earlier due to family commitments. 

Select a college/university that has flexible timings

There are many college and universities which are offering part-time and full time courses having different study pattern and timing which suits people who are having kids and cannot follow the regular college timings.

Get reliable childcare

Knowing that your kids are happy and safe while you're studying or in your classes will make it easier for you/ Hence it’s very important to get a reliable child care where you can drop you kids for some time while going for your classes.

Tell friends, family, and your college/university 

You will need help. You need to ask for it. Make sure your kids know that you're going to college to create a better life for them and you. And to achieve that you need to take classes and do homework. Tell your family and friends. Tell your course coordinator in college. You need to get the support you need in place and ready to go. 

Set realistic expectations

Most colleges and universities set guidelines and expectations for regular students. Those students have a lot more time to spend on their studies than the average student parent.

So, don't follow their trends as you'll burn out faster if you try to keep up with them. Prospective employers don't want to see your grades, they want to see your degree. They want to know you worked hard.

Set realistic expectationsand achievable goals, you'll get there. 

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