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Activities and games for children at home during Social Distancing phase

by | Published: | Updated: 29/03/2020


Activities and games for children at home during Social Distancing phase of Corona virus impact - 


We all are going through an historic event of our times with even the most developed nations across world not spared from the pandemic of Corona virus. It has called for desperate measures of social distancing in spite of us human beings are social animals. Something which is quite tough for all of us to follow but left with no choice.


It’s very evident that social distancing is tough to follow for all adults, now imagine of children. It can impact them in multiple ways including boredom, high energy left at end of the day, losing out on playing, physical fitness, etc


Yayskool is about to suggest a few easy activities to keep children engaged in spite of social distancing from other children.


  • Ramp Walk: Let your kids dig in their Halloween costume collection or step into your grown-up wardrobes for a dress-up session. Take in the action and indulge in to some wonderful clicks—no one can resist cuties playing fireman, plumbers or rocking Dad’s full sleeve shirts or Mom’s high heels. More better if you add popcorn to make it a rocking show.


  • Try an indoor scavenger hunt. There’s a bunch of great lists on Internt. Find out various spots at home to put all the things, make them find one by one with some clues, then make them put it all away to the place they belong so that you don’t have to clean up the mess later.
    • Another form of Scavenger hunt along with some learning could be - Find something taller than you, then shorter than you. Then find something blue, red, etc. Find something shaped like a round, square etc. Can be used for every room separately to make it multiple rounds. The kids will have a blast


  • Measure and Weight: Tell your child to help you on measuring all toys by a measure tape and if a weighing scale and weigh them as well and make a list. Tell them you want to find the tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest toys. Will teach a few lessons and help to spend them at least 60-90 minutes.


  • Mystery Jar – Make chits of various actions in the mystery jar. All family members can pick up 1 by 1 chit. Each chit will mean an activity to be done by the family member picking up. Like dancing, signing, doing 10 jumping  jacks, get a sweet, get to climb on dad’s shoulders, etc. Kids will love the mystery unfolding of each chit and at the same time make all family members do some physical activity.
    • Another version is the rolling dice game, where you pre-defined what each number will mean. Family member rolling the dice and getting a number will have to do the activity. Can go on for 30 minutes till the time each member get all the numbers by their turn of rolling dice.


  • Freeze the toys – Freeze small toys in ice cubes and make your child ‘excavate’ the toys from the ice. Lot of fun for kids as well as a chance to wash off their hands once again.


  • Write on Water – Make a bucket full of soap water and ask your child to write alphabets, letters or draw simple geometric shapes on this soap water. It’s a dual purpose of washing child’s hands and learning a few basics again.


  • 25 brick challenge: 25 Lego bricks and they have to build as many models as they can. Keep changing the number by adding or subtracting the bricks and keep the excitement on.


  • Beach play @ home: If you can’t get to the beach to play with sand, make some own sand at home to bring the sand play to you! All you need is baking soda or baking powder or washing powder and regular beach toys. Lay out a carpet to avoid mess and make this washing powder to be re-usable. Wastage in this tough period is for surely to be avoided.


  • Designer wear: Bring out all the not so frequently worn clothes especially t-shirts of the family members. Paint them each by all family members making a designer wear for all. Can be theme based or let the creativity go wild and take its own shape. Another version could be to use all these rugs to make a bed sheet cover for the child. Use the choices of the child and make them do simple cutting to keep them engaged.


  • Go on a picnic: If you have the benefit of private backyard (unlike most city folks), or a terrace at top, grab some old newspapers to serve as a floor mat, make it a picnic, relax on your back and watch the clouds go by. Bonus points for every time you o the child can find shapes in the clouds – be it a rocket, face, animals, etc The real bonus is isolation with fresh air and sunlight for a while.

What are you doing to keep your kids busy at home during this phase? Send you thoughts and suggestions at mail@yayskool.com.

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