Getting Ready for Primary School

Getting Ready for Primary School

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The day your child enters primary school is an important milestone for parents and child alike. Whilst you know that it will be an exciting first step, at the same time you worry. Will your child be able to adapt? Will the workload be manageable? How about stress?

However, as daunting as it may sound, try to keep the experience a positive one for you and your child. Focus on helping your child make the transition to primary school life with these helpful tips.

Explain How the School System Works

Talk to your little one about the school and its organisational structure, including the principal, teachers and future classmates. Explain how the school system works, what subjects your child will learn and encourage your child to voice out any fears or expectations he or she might have. At the same time, you can share your own personal experiences from years ago, and assuage any fears your little one may have. 

Establish a Routine

Get your child into a regular sleep routine that will allow enough time to wake up and get ready for school. Try to get your child to sleep early and keep to a strict curfew: no more television or games when it is time to sleep. This is especially important as it helps your child to stay fully alert and participate actively in class. 

Pack the Night Before

Teach your children how to pack their bags properly and encourage them to do it the night before.  Look through their timetable: if some books are not required for the day, leave it out of the bag. Make sure that your child knows where his or her things are placed, including uniforms, school shoes and socks, and your mornings will begin calmly and positively. 

Listen to Your Child

Make time to listen to your children about their day in school. They are bound to have many stories to share, and being there to listen and engage will allow your children to find a confidante in you. 

Create a Study Area

Is there a proper space for your child to study and which is free from distractions? An uncluttered, well-lit desk will help your child concentrate better on their homework. Work with  your child to create a board where important tests and dates can be recorded, so both of you can be more organised. 

Start Reading Early

Make reading a priority for your child. Try reading to your child during bedtime, or even asking your child to read to you. Keep a well-stocked bookshelf at home with fun reads for your child, or better still, visit the library! Make time to ready for yourself as well; read and your child will read with you too. 

Key Takeaways

  • Even though you may have some worries, keep the experience a positive one for you and your child. 
  • Help your child to understand what to expect before primary school begins.
  • Encourage your child to enjoy reading as it will help them as they advance through primary school.

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