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The Protagonist: from Ballet to Guns - By Hiteshi Taggar

by | Published: | Updated: 16/07/2020


The Protagonist: from Ballet to Guns - By Hiteshi Taggar

Chloe sat down on her chair in the study room and began writing her new story. It was the first time she was going to write down this kind of story so she first decided to pin down the characters that will come to life in the story. Chloe started with the protagonist, a girl who is a practiced dancer of ballet; she wears a pink and white ballet dress with curly hair and pink ballet shoes whose dream is to perform in front of a big audience. 


Chloe was about to start writing about the next character when she realized that she forgot to give her main character a name. “OH! I almost left her nameless”, she said aloud to herself and started thinking about a name. “Jade! Yes, her name will be Jade.” She exclaimed smiling to herself and wrote it down onpaper. 


Writing down about the characters took a few days and she decided that there can be other characters which might get added as the story will progress. After completing this, Chloe finally started writing the first chapter. As soon as she was done with the first paragraph she heard the doorbell go off. It was so quiet that doorbell echoed throughout the house. She put her pen down and went downstairs to check who it is. Chloe opened the door and was frozen at that place. Her eyes went wide as she stared at who was standing in front of her. It was Jade, but no it couldn’t be. That anonymous girl who was standing at the door was just the same how Chloe imagined her in her story, curly hair and pink ballet dress with matching shoes. 


The girl waved her hand to gain Chloe’s attention, “Hello?” Chloe blinked a few times, “J- Jade?” She whispered still not believing her eyes. “Umm no I’m Sara.” The girl replied. “OH! Hello Sara. I’m Chloe and sorry for that.” She said, finally getting her bearings together, extending her hand for a handshake. “It’s alright,” Sara chuckled, “Actually I read in the newspaper that a room is available here for renting. I mailed you too. “


Chloe was living alone in the house but recently it was getting pretty lonely for her so she decided to put up the guest room for renting, to have an apartment buddy and now this girl Sara arrived here for that. Chloe gave her a house tour and Sara liked it and signed all the required papers before deciding that she’ll move in after 2 days. 


Two days went by quickly and soon Sara was shifting her things in her new home. One thing that Chloe noted was that Sara didn’t have much luggage with her but let it slide. 


Both of the girls’ routines were pretty normal with Chloe going to university and writing her book and Sara going to her ballet classes to teach other children and coming home late which was a bit unusual for Chloe but Sara said that they are working on a big performance for which she has to practice a lot. 


It was another normal day; Chloe was going to supermarket after returning from college. She was walking down a street, which was strangely deserted today, and was about to take a turn when someone grabbed her arm and pulled her back covering her mouth. “Stay quiet and do as we say”, the person holding her hands tightly behind her back said in a hoarse voice. Chloe struggled and tried to escape but the panic rose when all her efforts were of no use as the man was much stronger than her. Chloe was pushed in a car with her eyes and hands tied and the cloth closing her eyes wet with unstoppable tears. They put another cloth to shut her mouth as quiet sobs escaped it. Her kidnappers started the car but it stopped as soon as it started as the sound of another car was heard and the guys cursed under their breath. The other car’s door opened and someone stepped out. “Give her to us and don’t even try tonight back you are obviously out numbered.” Someone no a girl outside the car said these words sharply. This voice sounded strangely familiar to Chloe. She had definitely heard this voice but she couldn’t exactly pin the voice to anyone. Chloe felt the man beside her shift as he got off the car and took her along with him. She was handed over to someone, probably the girl who was speaking. At this point she was not even trying to protest, she knew it would be of no use. The girl’s grip on her was firm yet soft unlike the man’s who held her too tight that it would bruise. 


She was again sat in the car but this time it was the other one and the girl with a familiar voice sat beside her. As the car started she removed the cloth from Chloe’s mouth and gave her water and then started talking to the other man in the car in a low voice. Chloe kept hearing their whispers not quite understanding them but at one point a light bulb went off in her head and she recognized the girl’s voice but she was still unsure so to confirm her suspicion she said it out loud, “Sara? “


The girl sitting beside her turned her face towards the blindfolded girl totally shocked though Chloe couldn’t see her expressions right now. Sara turned towards the guy and said, “Just drop us at her home for now. “

Soon they arrived at her home and Sara cautiously removed her blind fold and untied her hands and both girls got off from the car. As soon as the car sped off Chloe turned towards Sara, “I need a detailed explanation!” and stormed off into the house. 


When they sat down for dinner Sara started talking, explaining everything to Chloe, “So I’m an undercover agent and not really a ballerina. I was sent to this city for an operation which will be completed tomorrow hopefully and then I’ll leave without any trace and about you getting kidnapped today well that was just a misunderstanding they mistook you for me and once I finish my operation tomorrow it won’t happen again so you don’t have to worry about that.” Chloe listened to all this calmly and processed the information, “And that explains the late classes of ballet teacher. I’m so exhausted from today’s events, my mind is just everywhere but I just know one thing that after you leave there should be no problems for me.” “I guarantee that to you.” Sara replied confidently. “Okay then that’s good for me. Best wishes for your mission.” Chloe replied and stood up retiring to bed early today. 


The next day Chloe woke up late and Sara had already gone. After having some food Chloe sat down to complete the last draft of her story where her protagonist Jade is finally going to give her grand performance in front of a big audience. For Chloe the day went by quickly in the quiet house completing her story. It was midnight when Chloe completed her story and was so exhausted that she fell asleep on her table. After a wholesome noises were heard which made Chloe stir in her sleep and when she heard a car outside her house she woke up. She was afraid of who could it be and cautiously went out. There Sara was standing with her luggage ready to leave; she noticed Chloe and waved at her, “It’s Jade by the way.” Then she passed a last smile and sped off in her car. Chloe was left standing there confused as to what she meant and then it clicked. Well her character almost came to life outside the story.

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