What to do with your old books when moving to next class?

by | Published on | Updated on 2018-04-01 11:14:54


This is the admission time in India and everyone must be excited about new class or new school. So, what to do with your old books when you don't have anyone younger at home to use it?

There are couple of ways you can go to make these books useful for somebody. Let's explore our options:

1: Donate your books

Simplest way to make use of your books is to donate to a charity or non-profit organization who will be more than happy to accept these. Another way is to give to someone in your neighborhood who is needy and it will immensely help him/her in continuing their education. There are plenty of people who resides nearby and are unable to afford expensive books as most of the earnings went in to arrange the livelihood of their families. 

2: Sell your books

I have seen shops almost in most of the cities in India where shopkeepers buy and sell old books. I had an interesting interaction during one of my visit to Aminabad, Lucknow books market. The shopkeepers told me they accept old books and pay a minimal price, later they resell it to students with a little margin to those students who can't afford. 

So instead of   throwing your books, you can sell it to these shopkeepers and it will help someone to get on cheaper price.

3: Trade your books

You can trade your books with someone who has something you need. In this way, you can help each other and save some money to do something else.  Alternatively, you can trade with shopkeepers as well to get the new books. 


There are multiple way to utilize your old books and I have listed what I like to do. Send your thoughts and suggestions at [email protected] that what is your preferred way.