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8 useful tips for parents to help kids to become a better person and responsible citizens

by | Published: | Updated: 24/02/2020


8 useful tips for parents to help kids to become a better person and responsible citizens - 

While kids bring joy, enthusiasm, positivity in our life yet raising kids could be really painful sometime. Especially, when they are moving to teen age. They learn things fast happening in their surroundings and evaluate things, traditions, practices, rules in their own way.  Answering their questions could be frustrating sometimes. Teenagers like to rebel, break laws and if they don't get the justified answers, they prone to go in wrong direction. 

Hence, it is very important that we teach our kids about the best practices we follow each day and explain why is it necessary to do that. These regular conversations helps them to connect with parents at the same time understand about good and bad.  

Kids are the future citizens and if really wish to bring any change in our family, society or country then we should focus on basics as:

  1. Help them to understand what they haven’t experienced or don't know
  2. Coach them as needed not just studies but about life
  3. Influence them positivity by setting right example 
  4. Do the right thing as a parent because your kids are watching.

Here are some basic useful tip for parents to help kids to become a better person and responsible citizens. As a parent you must teach your kids about these and explain the importance of it.


Learn to respect

Give respect - Get Respect

Without respect, our relationships with friends, colleagues will be filled with conflict and dissatisfaction. If we don’t respect others, they will not respect us, and if we don’t respect ourselves we will not be respected by others either.

Being respectful of others, being respected and respecting ourselves increases kids self-esteemself-efficacy, mental health, and well-being.


Help each other

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama

Sometimes, helping could be inconvenient but it has a few humble advantages which must be explained to kids such as:

  1. It makes you feel better about yourself;
  2. It connects you with another person, at least for a moment, if not for life;
  3. It improves the life of another, at least a little;
  4. It makes the world a better place, one little step at a time;
  5. And if that kindness is passed on, it can multiply, and multiply.


Don't waste food

Food wastage is a huge problem, and it affects all of us. Millions of human beings are dying in hunger when millions of tons of food is being thrown away, wasted, discarded, whatever; for no good reason most of the times. 

It’s important to teach our kids about not wasting food and may be encourage them:

  1. To come up with ideas that how to prevent it at home 
  2. What can we do with remaining food

It will help them to understand and will make them aware about it.


Don't waste water

MOST people have the habit of leaving the tap running freely when they brush their teeth, do the dishes or even when they have to come out of the bathroom halfway through a shower to answer the phone. 

Such imprudence not only causes unnecessary water wastage but can also be costly with faucet and water meter working overtime.

“Water is finite. It has to serve the need of more and more people and we only have one ecosystem from which to draw our water, “ says the UN-Water’s Chair Guy Ryder, Director-General of the International Labour Organization.

Someone said rightly – Water is life. It’s limited and provided by mother nature only. It’s important point for each parents to understand help kids to understand as well.


Don't bargain with needy people

While visiting shopping malls, buying expensive items, we never bargain but we do bargain while buying vegetables from a street vendor. 


Even though we know that water bottle, cold drink or ice cream are 2-3 times higher than market, we don't say a word and pay. But when we see a guy pulling rikshaw or selling vegetables, we tend to bargain. 

The question is how much do we save from bargaining with these needy people compared to one visit to a shopping mall.

As a parent, we must show the real meaning of empathy and set right example in front of our kids. 

We should teach them about bargaining but at the same time, we must teach them “Where to bargain”.


Follow traffic  rules

We constantly hear about accidents on roads because some stupid reckless driver, over-speeding and so on. After this, dumbest tradition in our country is to start blaming government – for providing insufficient funds to spend with road widening, infrastructure upgrades, better traffic system etc.

But we miss the most important factor is to play our part as a citizen. The issues and problems on the roads will never be resolve and forever will stay unless the citizens truly realize how necessary it is to follow traffic rules and regulations. 

Traffic rules are simply to prevent drivers of vehicles from causing accidents or hitting pedestrians. These’re also to help control the flow of traffic so that it is more efficient.

If we teach our kids about the traffic rules and ensure they understand the importance of it, we can save a lot of money, time and most important the well-being of our dear ones.


Gender Equality - Respect Women

We move to 2020 but stalking, harassment and violence against women and girls remains pervasive in India and across the world, despite significant efforts being made to recognize, eliminate, and prevent it in all its forms.

Everyone talks about gender equality these days but we cannot achieve it unless we ensure that not just us but our upcoming generation also understands the true meaning of gender equality – A society in which women and men enjoy the same opportunities, rights and obligations in all spheres of life.


Get active and fit

Fitness is an integral part of every human being and the early we start the more productive it could be. It is always good to begin the fitness journey when a kid is 6-7 years old because every muscle in the body is very young and flexible. The best way for any kid to be fit is to follow basic discipline in life and the main factors are early get up early in the morning, eat healthy food and fruits, drink lots of clean water, engage in any kind of outdoor sports (2-3 hours daily) and early sleep.  It is very imperative for follow basic discipline at the early stage of life as it helps in building the robust foundation to pursue any long term goals.

A good read: Importance of Fitness for Kids


Parenting is an ongoing task, 24x7 and despite all the challenges it’s fulfilling. Nothing sounds better when we hear positive words about our kids in parent teachers meet , or about their respectful behavior or watching them doing well in games. 

As a parent, we feel proud when our kids do well in life. But we need to understand that these moment are results of endless hours you, me and every parent has put in to teach them, show the way forward and teach about good practices.


These are some useful tips for parents to help kids to become a better person and responsible citizens. Hope you liked it, send you thoughts and suggestions at mail@yayskool.com.



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