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5 things to remember when choosing the best school for your kids

by | Published: | Updated: 06/11/2020


5 things to remember when choosing the best school for your kids - 

The year of  2020  is something everyone wants to forget. 2020 brought many challenges and learnings not just for school management but for parents, children and teachers. This is first time when parents got an idea of quality of teaching offered by school by eavesdropping during kid’s schools sessions. This has brought a lot of challenges for teachers and schools as well because most of them are not ready for challenges brought by COVID-19. 


Schools are going to open in a phased manner but it would be completely different schooling what we have seen in past.  Enrolment and admissions process will start soon in most of the schools in coming  months  as we are already at end of this academic year. Now is the time for parents to make a decision and prepare the list of schools they want their kids to attend next year.  


Process to accomplish this quest must start with a systematic comparison of schools, reviews, facilities offered from a credible source such as Yayskool, followed by a thorough study of shortlisted schools by visiting their website. Also, it's very important that parents visit the schools physically before choosing the best school for your kids.  


Here are 5 very important things to remember when choosing the best school for your kids:


Cleanliness and Hygiene Rules in School 

COVID-19 has brought a lot of attention to hygiene practices within schools. It’s very crucial for prevention of pandemic in future, infection outbreaks and children safety and this cannot be low priority in any case.

Parents must ensure that School has following:

  • Rigorous  disinfection protocol with child-safety in mind.
  • Chemicals being used must be child-safe and clear guideline
  • Better toilet and common area cleanliness rules
  • Option to study from the home for children showing even minor infection


Online learning infrastructure 

Although, schools should be unlocked completely by next academic year but spread of infection cannot be guaranteed. So, it’s very important that school has an online learning infrastructure to support the child’s education even if he is studying from home. 

Here are some important point:

  • A management system to communicate with students and parents
  • Online resources and self help material 
  • Streamlines class notes and online home-work assignments
  • Secure video conferencing system for classes



Sports options with Academics 

Sports is not considered bad or a distraction as earlier used to be. In fact, studies shows that kids involved in regular sports and extra-curricular activities performed better in academics too. Outdoor sports option is very limited these days but schools without outdoor/indoor sports infrastructure will not be a good choice. 

Due to space constraints, some schools may not have big grounds but having some indoor options must be there. Another point which should be considered by parents is – sporting infrastructure promised vs actual space in school. 


Student-teacher ratios

This is one of the most important point which is mostly neglected in our country. Student-teacher ratio above than 20 is not considered good because it limits teachers ability to give attention to students who are not performing well.  


That's the reason, it’s very important for parents to enquire about it while making a decision to choose the best schools for your kids.


Safety and Security 

Nothing is more important than safety and security of our children and this is something no-compromise area in today’s time.  As a parent, please ensure school have strict measures to ensure safety and well-being of your child. Here are some important point:

  • Do they have security guards at gates?
  • Does school have security cameras in place?
  • Does toilets and other common area have attendants?
  • Are these attendants verified?
  • If using transport services,  does vehicles meet safety standard?
  • Is driver qualified to drive school vehicle and verified?


Thanks for reading. 


If you have any suggestion or feedback, please write to us at mail@yayskool.com

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